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Gary Graham brings a new story to Making the Cut Season 2 premiere, interview

I n 2018 Gary relocated both his studio and store to. Davon had been slightly behind his grade level when he left home; now he fell way back. Patterson said he never got the therapy he was promised because —like many mental health providers that rely on public funding— the school couldn’t keep counselors on staff.

Not so the other two, they did well but weren’t forward thinking or globally. I was super disappointed, but not necessarily shocked that Gary didn’t win. He has so much more depth and vision that is not typical in the fashion world. I personally thought it was refreshing to see how he was able to combine the past with the future.

He opens people’s eyes to seeing differently. Like an artist who captures the vista in a whole new light, Gary looks to peel back the layers of what fashion and its story can tresa lugten reviews be. Couture technique and historical narratives create stunningly original pieces. Hand painting clothes looked wonderful and Garys inspiration from day 1 are incredible.

That’s what the judges are looking for. Ally and Olivia were clueless and not very ambitious. Olivia’s men’s wedding suit was awful, IMO.

Lucie has a lot of talent but crappy time management skills and didn’t plead her case to stay. The social media influencers are also why I think the winner will be someone younger and whose portfolio skews younger. Social media influencers it seems also tend to look at the designer themselves and their appearance, etc. I think they’re more conscious of someone looking the part, and also looking accessible. They’re giving a lot of airtime to the short girl from New Orleans. Heidi and Tim seem to love her but she comes off a bit obnoxious to me.

I agree the two women’s lines looked like something hookers would wear. I think Gary was innnovative and his clothes are beautiful. Unfortunately, you could see he lost Heidi with that “Little House on the Prairie” statement. He needs to learn how to read an audience and “play the game”. I hope someone comes along and backs him.