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Give the Sweetest Gift! High Tea for Two $58 79

You will also be able to enjoy assorted sandwiches like the Norwegian salmon & dill cream cheese, avocado & endive, and the ham & gruyere. Top it all off with a choice of a hot or iced chocolate, coffee or tea per person. The superb ingredients of Criollo cocoa beans, Tahitian vanilla, Japanese matcha and Puerto Rican Rum produce an unrivaled product that draws customers from around the globe.

Everything tasted so good, and the service was amazing. A wonderful discovery, given I’ve never been to Mariebelle. The service calories in a green tea shot was impeccable and the place was absolutely adorable. Everything was delicious and the staff deserve the highest praise.

Choose from a variety of flavors, including an exclusive Big Apple Doughnut, filled with a Red Delicious flavored cream and dipped in a sweet, shiny red shimmer mirror glaze. Discover MarieBelle’s gourmet chocolates – fine artisan bean to bar chocolates made in Brooklyn with the finest quality cacao beans. After five years touring the UK, Dippy the Diplodocus has returned to the Natural History Museum, a comeback that inspired The Ampersand Hotel’s Jurassic-themed tea. Launched in August, the quirky affair includes a raspberry and lemon volcano, chocolate dinosaur nest and macaron imprinted with a T-Rex footprint. For children, the tea is arranged atop a lurid green dinosaur, while adults can choose from a selection of on-theme cocktails.

Assorted gourmet finger sandwiches, scones, jams and Devonshire clotted cream. Accompanied with a petite cup of seasonal soup, tier of mini pastries, macarons, and our signature ganache. Bite size bonbons decorated with unique, colorful cocoa-based design and tins of hot chocolate shavings make excellent gifts.

Shop more than 10,000 high-quality imported Italian and local seasonal products spread over the f , including salt, extra virgin olive oil, dried pasta, fresh truffles, aged balsamic vinegar and a mix-and-math Venchi chocolate bar. Sip on thick, delicious signature hot chocolate made from pure cacao shavings instead of chocolate powder to go or in an elegant, antique filled Cocoa Bar. Choose from four different flavors; Aztec, Milk Hazelnut, Spiced Chocolate and White Chocolate.

MarieBelle also has a retail shop located in Midtown Manhattan’s stunning Japanese Kitano Hotel. Each location pairs perfectly with the lavish and decadent chocolate designs. The sitting area at MarieBelle can become a little claustrophobic, the service is a little flustered, the food offering is of universal appeal rather than distinctively creative, but truly, you come here for the chocolate. Whether it be a steamy mug of hot chocolate , chocolate fondue or the full chocolate afternoon tea, MarieBelle is a treasure box of a chocolate hideaway. All-natural chocolates handmade from the finest single-origin Criollo cacao beans; delectable tea sandwiches; and whimsically painted signature ganaches are all served on a tiered silver tray. A silver pot and gilded English teacups add to the feeling of timeless grandeur.

House made pastries, from lemon tarts, to chocolate mousse cake, are also delicious. Afternoon tea at MarieBelle takes place at the back of the chocolate store, in a small area of closely-spaced, tiny marble-topped tables, dark bamboo-cane chairs and old gilt mirrors. On our visit, high tea was presented in the traditional three-tier format, with gold-rimmed plates, proper silver teapots, and delicate transfer-painted floral porcelain tea-cups and tea-plates. There were eight varieties of tea from which to choose, and of which we selected the English Breakfast and the Lychee Black Tea.