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Good AFK Fishing Spot? : blackdesertonline

It’s almost always abundant there even on crowded servers and you can easily get multiple ancient relic crystal shards that are worth hundreds of thousands of silvers. You can just leave it to AFK fish and you’ll slowly bring in the money as well. You also might want to have some distance between the node you sell your green fish and the node you catch them as you get a distance bonus from the trade managers. You can read a more detailed explanation of how to sell fish here. Finally, there is the professional fisher uniform you get as a reward when you hit fishing skill artisan 1.

The loot system for fishing is most likely a layered RNG system. This is a theory, but it is based on several tests and trials. The RNG starts with determining which main group you get your loot from. The groups are prize catch, treasure, rare fish, big fish, and common. 2) Usually hotspots only appear out in the sea they are non-static and you can see them by the seaguls and jumping fish. You need to be on top of the spot to gain the benefit of it.

What is most important about those rods is that they can be enhanced and repaired while the others are ruined once their durability runs out. Looking at the Epheria Fishing rod, you will see that its durability is increased bdo ice fishing by ten for each level of enhancement. There is also no skill required to use this rod, so this is the fishing rod you should strive to get as soon as possible, enhance to +3 or +4 and restore to full durability.

It also gets +5 to its durability per level so at +10 the Balenos rod has a durability of 100. In my opinion, the best fishing rods are the Epehria and Balenos rods. Having an auto-fishing pet and a Balenos rod makes for a powerful combo.

Many were disappointed when Glimt failed to secure the third place play-off spot they had held during most of the course of the season, finally ending in fifth place. Since reentering the top division Bodø/Glimt have had a rather checkered performance-chart. A good league performance one season has usually been followed with near relegation the next. In total, five fishing locations have been found across the Silverlight Hills region. In total, nine fishing locations have been found across the Dunley Farmlands region.

Balenos has it’s own freshwater fish table, and so does Calpheon, etc. Margoria has one Rare species group which is used for all Margoria ocean fishing tables, including Ross Sea, Vadabin Sea and Juur Sea. The 1980s were the darkest hours in the club history, with Bodø/Glimt playing in the 2nd division and the regional 3rd division.

In cases when you may have a difficult time spotting hotspots of yellow fish with tuna, you can also spot tuna, the rare fish, in the Epheria Sea, located just outside Epheria. The best and most effective way to get a triple float fishing rod for most players in BDO, besides just buying one, is by completing the “Sweet Reward! You may be required to complete a few quests before getting access to these quests.

There are some quests that can be repeated over and over again, and as a result, reward you the fishing rod. Besides recurring quests, there are also several single-run quests that offer the fishing pole as a recompense. Now, even though selling the fish is a fairly brainless process. Here’s a tip – try to sell your fish at the furthest node from where you caught the fish.

They do not spawn in the Ross Sea, Margoria Seas, Juur Sea, or Vadabin Sea. You can also dry fish before they expire and this will preserve them, but then you can no longer sell them to a trader. Instead, they can now be sold on the Central Market, but they may not be worth much depending on the type of fish and the demand.