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Google Reviews Disappearing? Here’s 14 Reasons Why

This includes reviews left by your employees—reviews must come from actual customers. Second, you can encourage customers how to buy metadoge to leave reviews. You can ask them directly or provide links to review sites on your website or social media pages.

Finally, it will filter reviews that are duplicated from other places on the web. All of these measures prevent people from purchasing bot reviews from third-party sites. Furthermore, Google will delete reviews that violate their speech policies for online engagement. Hateful or potentially dangerous content will likely be deleted by the filtering process.

Not only does this affect reviews, but it affects your Google maps if someone is trying to get to your physical business. When Google sees duplicate content, it gets confusing because how does it know what page has the “real” information? Each link with the same content in different formats counts as duplicate content. Google also doesn’t count either URL when calculating its ranking.

There is no guarantee that the reviews will show, but many businesses were successful in appealing to show the reviews. Google Algorithm issue, the review filter algorithm gets very restrictive and even genuine reviews are filtered. Normally, Google tweaks the algorithm but it can take weeks. Your number of reviews is abnormally higher than most businesses in your industry. The user who left the review is located nowhere near you or has never physically visited your location. If you want to know how a real expert resolve issues and increase clients’ Google ranking, sales, and customers.

The person reviewing you has never left a review and has never had any activity on that Google profile before or after they left you that review. If you notice a review is missing, it may be because the user the created the review has deleted it. Local – a practice the search engine giant has since stopped. Another strict thing with Google policy is receiving compensation for a review.