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Gordon Ryan Body Building Workout for Grappling + Jiu-Jitsu

I notice that volume responders, particularly jiu jitsu athletes, burn out quick if you lean on the deadlift too much. As the competition drew near, the deadlift happened every other week. While this was a big change, it is something I chose not to dwell on. Nothing needs to stop progress if you’re committed to making it work. I can tell you between our daily conversations and his training logs, he didn’t ever miss a step and he made every performance in the gym as effective as I could have ever hoped it to be. Gordon goes into each of his training sessions with a goal in mind.

Loaded carries are often referred to as walks, due to the nature of the task. Now you can also get farmer strong but without the need to flip hay or wrestle cattle all day. That said, just picking something up and carrying it to exhaustion is not a very smart approach. Carries, just like all kinds of conditioning exercises, need proper programming in order for a maximal result. Furthermore, different types of the exercises need to be cycled at constant intervals in order to truly get you the perfect Jiu-jitsu body.

These are a great tool to use as a regression to the overhead press. Instead of battering your shoulders in a plane of movement you rarely us in BJJ, going for a high carry is much more worth your time. For the ultimate performing Jiu-Jitsu body, high carries are a must.

That said if you are a natural athlete you never know if the person you are comparing yourself to is taking something to enhance their body. I was having trouble getting the angle right for the end of the throw. After watching this video a few times I think I see what I was doing rae dunn bread box wrong. I was trying to throw backwards, but Osiander emphasizes laying to your side at the end of the throw. Clay was only promoted to black belt in November of 2020. She has an 80% finishing rate with a penchant for leg locks, having scored multiple kneebars and heel hooks.

All I programmed for him, his training and his entire life, was based around getting him to peak on June 2, 2018. This was mapped out carefully, and we used classic concepts of periodization to do it. We all know that Gordon Ryan is the “King” of Modern No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Submission Grappling. He’s become one of the top and most feared grapplers in the world with only 5+ years worth of training. For the day of competition, Gordon prioritizes getting a good night’s sleep. And right when he wakes up, he posts on social media that he is going to win.

When you squat, bench or deadlift the bar is perfectly balanced so you can really engage the large muscles in your legs, chest and back. But with activities like grip fighting and framing away an opponent in side control, you have to use your strength in awkward and unbalanced positions. So building the smaller muscles of your arms is important.

This organization is something I learned from Poliquin and has been built on and replicated by many great coaches. His mindset, training schedule, and competition strategy are no secret. He’s watching tape, and he’s also watching what his opponents are posting on social media.