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Halo Infinite: All Foundation Collectibles

Continue along this platform to find the Power Core and Audio Log #1 to the left beside it. To find the Foundation skull make your way through the level until you collect the weapon. After this sequence you will ride an elevator up to the floor above. Jump from this rafter and hook onto the rafter in the center of the room. The second mission in Halo Infinite takes place underneath Zeta Halo, in some weirdly hexagonal environments. Like the other 14 missions across Master Chief’s journey, Foundation has some missable collectibles, and we know you want them all.

So if you’re hunting for those natty multiplayer skins, your best bet is to hit as many FOBs as you can and then consult your in-game map for guidance. Make your way forward through the level until you reach the large red jen hatmaker divorce reason room with a bunch of Grunts and a console you need to place a Power Core in. Locate the console then run directly behind it to a doorway. Go through the doorway and down the hall until you find a long bridge platform.

There are two different audio logs you can find amongst the Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles You can get one of each type of Halo Infinite audio logs. The first you will come across is Halo Infinite Foundation Banished audio log location. When you make your way through the level, you’ll get to a bit filled with grunts across platform, with spiral stairs leading up to an upper ledge. The upper ledge has a plasma turret attached, and the grunts will gleefully use it against you. Kill that platform of its grunts and move towards the hallway sentence at the end of the level you’re on. On the left of the hallway entrance, you’ll find the log glowing orange.

If dancing around pillars or the elevator isn’t for you, you can also use the Grappleshot to gain fast speeds and keep distance between yourself and Tremonius. Just remember that he can close that distance fairly easily too. So long as you ensure your Grappleshot is available as he’s charging up to do his jump and dash attack, you should be okay.

Once you climb your way up there, the Skull collectible can be picked up. Once here, players will need to turn around to face the window hallway you had previously come from and look upwards to scan to uncover the Cowbell skull highlight. You will notice that it’s resting on an unstable beam but using the Grappleshot once again and carefully jumping around the beam to reach the Cowbell Skull to grab. Meanwhile, the UNSC audio log is near where you acquire the Weapon.

There are said to be 45 Spartan Cores waiting to be found in Halo Infinite. Some of them will be very obviously presented to you as you progress through the main story, but others are hidden around the Halo Infinite open world map. Cowbell skull After you’ve taken the Weapon, you will leave an area with holograms. Continue on until you reach a vast room with high ceilings; go to the left until the room opens out. But you can use your horn to reach more ledges and eventually make it to it.

This level is home to four collectibles as well as Warship Gbraakon. But like the previous level, an ACTA is automatically unlocked as you progress. You unlock this Audio Log by simply playing through the mission. Just follow and complete the mission objectives and it will appear in your Database. The Cowbell Skull is found once you see images of ghostly children running around you . The skull is in the rafters up in the ceiling and you can grapple up to it, to reach it.