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Halo Infinite Foundation Collectible locations every Audio Log and Skull in the mission

Players should note that progressing toHalo Infinite’s third chapter will prevent them from being able to backtrack and look for missed items. For now, players who want 100 percent completion must find all items the first time around or restart the mission before progressing to the next. Here’s how to find all of the Foundation’s collectables. In Halo Infinite Foundation, players will find three collectibles in different locations, and they will receive a fourth during the mission.

If you’re playing on Legendary, do your best to use the limited cover in the area to avoid taking hits. You can also use the Grappleshot to scale the large pillars around and get the high ground, but the Banished can shoot you up there if you’re not careful. The weapons you had from the previous mission should have carried over, but if you’re low on ammo, consider picking up the Elite’s Pulse Carbine. You can take down his shield quickly with a plasma weapon. You’ll receive the first of the two UNSC Audio Logs automatically during the “Foundation” main story mission.

As soon as the door opens you’ll have a red target on you. Use the Grappleshot to get behind cover on the left or right side and slide at the end to get some more distance. The Weapon greets you at the next point before activating the next section of the bridge. Two Grunts show up on the second section and an additional three show up on the fourth. While your attention is on them two Brutes and even more Grunts are setting up a small battle station on the elevated platform ahead.

Hardlight ammo bounces, so even if your toss with the fusion coil isn’t entirely accurate, there’s a good chance its projectiles can bounce and hit the Jackals. The final Foundation collectible is towards the end of the mission when you’ll be directed to find a Power Seed to power up a lift that will take you to the Ring’s surface. Follow the waypoint to the Power Seed and walk down the long walkway towards the Forerunner console. The final UNSC audio log and collectible in this mission is to the left of the console. These collectibles, which include audio logs and other trinkets, are available for use in both the campaign and multiplayer. While you can head back and collect what you may have missed on your journey through the campaign, these can easily be collected as you progress.

Remember that you can always use Scan to look for collectibles in the immediate surrounding area. Press “Z” on PC and down on the directional pad on controller. Collectibles like Audio Logs will light up with orange outlines, and Skulls will show up as blue dots. Though, not all are visible depending on their locations. This guide will help players obtain all four collectibles in Halo Infinite’s Foundation mission, including a hard-to-reach Skull. Inside a blue hallway, once you’re done fighting Grunts and Jackals, Master Chief will start seeing visions of his childhood and other test subjects .

The Banished Audio Log – Cylix can be found next to one of the main doors to progress once you have obtained The Weapon. Melissa is a freelance features writer for CBR’s video game division. She enjoys vacationing in Destiny’s Shattered Realm and otherwise spends a fair amount of time in the lands of RPGs. Melissa still believes The Legend of Dragoon is one of the best games ever made. Can be found during the Reach the Surface objective near a door once you clear the room of enemies. Use the Grappleshot to grab one of the fusion coils nearby and toss it at Tremonius as he turns a corner or after he lands from his jump and dash attack.

There’s nothing to do in there, but it’s a neat pitstop. Inside the room, you’ll see more Jackals and Grunts, potentially a Brute, and for sure two Elites in the back of the room. Take out the smaller ones first before moving on to the bryan callen new girlfriend Elites. Again, plasma weapons are great for taking out their shields, but kinetic weapons, like the Mangler, will do faster damage to them. You can always use the grappleshot to pull yourself to your enemy and land the finishing blow.

Slaying the enemies prior to the sniper shouldn’t take long, meaning the sniper won’t have much time to focus on you. A melee hit to the face will make quick work of the sniper. If you’re playing on Legendary, we recommend picking off any of the Jackals and Grunts you see from the outside hallway before entering the next room on the second floor. Use the Grappleshot to hop up to the second floor and approach the next door. You’ll come to a long, large corridor that’s partially broken. Proceed and you’ll come across two Grunts and a Jackal.

The first you will come across is Halo Infinite Foundation Banished audio log location. When you make your way through the level, you’ll get to a bit filled with grunts across platform, with spiral stairs leading up to an upper ledge. The upper ledge has a plasma turret attached, and the grunts will gleefully use it against you.

On the second level is a single Jackal and below are two Grunts. On the right side of the hallway are two more Grunts and another Jackal. Both sides and levels of this hallway lead to the same room. If you’re having trouble with this last area, try to get a weapon with range and sit on or behind columns that give you a safer look at the battlefield.