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Hawx Men’s 6″ Legion Work Boots Steel Toe

I switched out the liner for an Intuition Tour Wrap liner, that improved downhill performance and warmth substantially. I was able to drive my ON3P Wrenegades 108s no problem in all conditions. These boots are amazing if you have low-volume feet/ankles/legs like I do. I have skinny calves and usually have a hard time getting boots tight enough in the legs, but I can get a very secure fit out of the box with the Hawx Ultra XTD. Questionable wisdom ordering ski boots online (!) but price was very good and fit seems good. I have just cranked my custom footbeds into these puppies and am ready to try them out later this month.

The velcro along the back of the liner offers the option to add plastic shims to take up volume and increase forward pressure. These roomy boots stayed warm on most jones station rv park days as long as you aren’t maxing out the inside of the shell. Fun and playful performance dominate in this boot with its moderate flex and inviting comfort.

Designed for average width feet and with a medium flex of 100, this boot lands right in the middle for balanced power and response. One particular feature that makes this boot stand out is its lightweight construction and slim profile. That being said, with specifically designed reinforcements where needed, you still achieve the lateral energy transmission and dynamic power for strong, confident skiing. The advanced heat-fitting technology takes comfort to a whole new level. Combined with the fully personalized shell, cuff, and liner; you’re able to achieve a fit and feel that will allow you to take on the day and never skip a beat.

Traditionally, boot leather was waterproofed by applying oil or wax. This required regular reapplication to maintain waterproofness and didn’t always fully keep water out. Many leather boots are still treated this way, but truly waterproof boots are made with modern, synthetic membranes like Gore-Tex. They can shed plenty of water, but if you’re standing in water for any length of time, they will get wet. I hate to regurgitate more of the Atomic line, but they are spot on with the idea that “it’s the perfect ski boot for most people, in most situations.” How’s that for honest?

This boot is a great choice for moderate skiing in bounds and offers a gateway for aspiring skiers who want to advance their skills to ride a high-level boot. No need to say that Hawx work boots look very simple from a design perspective but offer the best services compared to others in the heavy-duty sector. No matter what your budget will be, just gather all your requirements in one place and check out the Hawx work boots one by one. We are pretty sure that you will get your budget best boot in the shortest possible time.