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Here’s How to Throw an Epic Harry Potter Birthday Party I Taste of Home

In Madam Malkin’s, go up the stairs and hit the right dressing room door. At the back of the shop, break the grey box with a purple top. Use the Delumintor on the light and go over to the portrait on the left. Hidden pieces on the teacher’s stand in the middle of the room. On the left, beside the entrance to Slytherin’s dorm is a Parseltongue panel. On the far right side of the area, use the pink baseplate and pull out a pool.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is rife with changes in its adaptation, but there is one scene that feels so right it doesn’t matter if it’s one hundred percent loyal or not in its adaptation. When Sirius , Lupin , and Peter Pettigrew , the three remaining Marauders, come face to face for the first time since James and Lily’s deaths, the scene sings with emotion and vengeance. There may be a detail or two that strays from the book, but absolutely nothing that could change the gravity of this moment was forgotten. Much like Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets faithfully adapts the book in ways the later movies definitely do not.

Abrar was about six, and he used to point out mistakes in Saqlain bhai’s bowling. My father got so annoyed because of his running commentary that he locked him in another room,” laughs Sajid. There are 5-cost actions linked to both Mad-Eye Moody and your character.

In the Lovegood house, use the Deluminator on the light on the second floor. Flush it to make him get out of the way, and reveal the token. Hit the spider attacking the student to save him. Up the walkable wall on the left, and walk up to the token. Also, before we rock it, there are a few characters we’ll need to purchase. These are also found in Diagon Alley, inside the Madam Watkins’ building which is the closest on the left to the Leaky Cauldron and has a purple exterior.

Open the box and walk up the wall using the Sticky Trainers. On the right side outside the house, pull up all 5 carrots. You have to build 3 ice sculptures in the area out of the hidden LEGO pieces. Finally, lift up the barrel to find a student. Use the Deluminator on the light above the middle sinks. Throw the basketball into the hoop to get this piece.

Dig up the dig spot on the left in the gated off area in the middle. Dark magic on the fireplace to pull this piece out. In the dungeon, on the lower left side, use dark magic to open the chest. Once the student runs out, they’ll be saved. Then use dark magic to break the orb and get the token. To pull the orange handle until it breaks, revealing the token.

Here, you need to assemble the ingredients for a potion. Next to Snape, you’ll see a potion with the ingredients indicated in the air above it. You’ll find the first item by heading to the room’s left stardew valley nursery side. Use Wingardium Leviosa magic to construct an opening to some tubing, then send Scabbers up the tubing to knock a ball out to the right. That’ll cause the first item to fall to floor level.

Select the class duration you prefer and hit Start when you are ready to begin. Albus and Harry’s World Trip describes where Albus really keeps his bowling alley. I’m sure the ghosts have some influence over which way their heads roll. The bowling alley is also home to the only place in Hogwarts where you can sing karaoke and not be judged horribly. It makes for a great date night according to many alumni so long as you bribe the right Hufflepuff to give you the password.

Thanks to your dueling skills, you were able to defeat her and get rid of her for good. Proceed to the Transfiguration Classroom when you are ready to attend the first lesson of the chapter. The Game Boy version of Chamber of Secrets had a mini-game in it during Sir Nick’s death-day party.

Halfway down the staircase, use a key character to open the safe. On the uncovered boulder to raise a platform with the token. Pull the orange handle in the middle of the area to reveal this token. Go right as far as you can and use it again on the light by the block of ice. Use the Deluminator on the light on the left side of the area, near the owl. Use Super Strength on the orange handled box north of the first intersection.