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The couple wanted to give Panama City Beach and area residents the option of a facility to relieve the commute for those who must travel long distances for their children to train. David Mellies said they faced a long journey to open the business and much of their time went into finding the perfect location before everything fell into place. Baseballs will be provided (or softballs for slo-pitch rentals). Facility doors will be locked and players will be admitted into the facility a maximum of 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Pitching machine must be able to throw a minimum of 80 mph , 70 mph . Not if you’re using HitTrax at the Ultimate Sports Academy in Manchester. “We started the season real hot with our bats, and I thought it all went to the work we did on HitTrax.”

Securely stored in the cloud, HitTrax data can be accessed anywhere to review video analysis, instructor notes, individual session breakdowns, performance trends, and more! Players can also find where they rank regionally and nationally among all HitTrax users in their age group. The HitTrax gaming module calls mini baseball pitching machine balls & strikes, turns rally-killing double plays and scores the winning run on a sacrifice fly. Organize hitting leagues, one-day tournaments & home run derbys right in the confines of your facility. HitTrax measures key performance metrics and generates reports based on a wide variety of criteria.

The HitTrax machine must be requested at the time of booking or at least 24hrs prior to the start of the booking. The HitTrax machine is an additional fee and a second payment will be required for the additional charge.Cages 1-3 will automatically include the pitching machine with the rental and will be included in the fee. The HitTrax system officially launched in 2013 and currently has more than 16 thousand registered users throughout North America. The University of Notre Dame was the first collegiate team to implement HitTrax, setting the trend for other universities, high schools, athletic facilities and professional league teams to utilize it across the country. Another innovative feature is the way HitTrax stores and utilizes its data. All of the players’ statistics are immediately uploaded to the cloud and then used to create national leaderboards on the HitTrax StatsCenter website.

They can be more instinctive and train for real in-game situations. We also have a room available for parents to get some peace and quiet while their children practice hitting. We are one of the only facilities in the Twin Cities that offers cage rentals with HitTrax included. Bats, helmets, gloves not provided by facility, must be provided by each team. Our hitting bays feature padded walls in the hitting area, giving every player a first-class experience. Using our ProBatter, have realistic at bats and compete in a game against other teams.

The old school approach to batting is giving way to analytics, even at the high school level. Research & Development Baseball Academy in Vienna, VA built its reputation servicing serious athletes who want to become elite level pitchers. Head Coach Kelly Bevere explains what GREEN/GREEN means to her program and how they have leveraged that concept to support their evolving offensive philosophy while maintaining a competitive training environment. HitTrax has completely changed the way we evaluate our players. They are more engaged and the coaches are armed with actionable insight that they’ve never before had access to.

Axon Sports, Diamond Kinetics and HitTrax are three cutting-edge baseball tech companies that we have been closely following as they have developed from startup to established ball player training resources over the last few years. Now the three are joining forces at LakePoint to build a program called HITTER’S EVOLUTION. This program will combine the three technologies of each company to take hitters through a three step training experience. First, Axon Sports will assess and train players’ pitch recognition skills. Second, Diamond Kinetics will measure and analyse key metrics of their swing. Third, HitTrax will track data on each hit as it leaves the bat.