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Make sure you do the exercises and go to office hours. Maren is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Applied Anthropology at Oregon State University. Her research interests include the ethnoecology of wild edible plant knowledge, access, and management.

She was a Senior Instructor in Geography at Eastern Oregon University and a grant writer for the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center at California State University, San Marcos. Maren worked on local and international biocultural conservation projects as a McBeth Conservation Fellow at the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research. Working for the non-profit, ECOLIFE Conservation, Maren coordinated the Bwindi Community Health and Conservation Program in Uganda and assisted in grant writing and program development for programs in Mexico .

Interactive content and assessments integrated throughout the narrative provide opportunities for students to explore and apply concepts. And Revel is mobile and user-friendly, so students can learn on the go — anytime, anywhere, on any device. Was a great Professor, he really does care about his students and wants them to have the best opportunity how to claim business on facebook to succeed in his classes. For new programmers this class can be a lot to take in but if you do all the assignments and make sure you understand all the codes for the quizzes and exams you will do really well. Dr. Kirli is a very kind professor and he’s really nice about answering questions – so ask a lot of questions in class.

It’s his first time teaching this course and while not perfect, his lectures are decent. He is very fair; as long as you study/practice, you should do fine in the class. There are very few grades so it is important to be studying and practicing constantly. He gives exercises for practice, but they are not graded so it is up to you to do it.

This allows for not only exploration of topics at a deeper level but also employment of application-focused teaching techniques. Students must complete each required course with a minimum grade of C in at most three attempts. Registration cancelled for non-payment is also considered an attempt. Nicholaas M. Pinas is a Ph.D. candidate from Suriname. He is currently residing in the Netherlands and is working at the Naturalis biodiversity center in Leiden in the ethnobotany group with Tinde van Andel. His work focuses on the traditional varieties of Maroon rice in Suriname.