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Besides, wearing the locs for more than 4 weeks may put too much stress on your scalp. As you do not want that to happen, you should allow your natural hair to breathe from time to time. Maintenance is essential for keeping your protective hairstyle in check and ensuring the scalp remains healthy.

Regardless of the method you’ll choose, make sure you are thorough. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars getting your hair done just to have them unravel a week later. Note– Make sure you dip the rubber bands in oil before using them to prevent hair breakage. This also allows you to style them in a lot of different hairstyles. Butterfly locs don’t hurt since they’re done using the crotchet method which is tensionless.

Well, like the majority of protective hairstyles, you can achieve butterfly dreads in a number of different ways. They may require different skills, effort and amount of time. Though, no matter what approach you are going to choose, it is a good idea to soak the purchased hair in a hair rinse made of Apple Cider Vinegar. Several hours will be enough for the locks to soak in the solution so that you can avoid irritation afterward.

For those with thinner or shorter hair , this is also the point where you can add marley braiding hair for more length and thickness. The most important rule when taking down your butterfly locs is to be gentle with your hair. We believe that taking care of your natural locs shouldn’t be a hassle.

Once you have researched the stylists, you can view their listing on the CurleeMe website and message or call the stylist to book your appointment. can you curl your hair with a keratin treatment Keep in mind, some stylists supply the hair needed to install your butterfly locs. These brands will give you the boho look you are going for.

One style on the cusp of creativity and popularity is butterfly locs, which have been all over our Instagram feeds lately. The look is where the traditional loc meets a distressed texture that makes the style look more lived-in. According to Princess Kanu, a self-taught hairstylist, the style has been in high demand among her Maryland clients due to its lightweight nature and effortless look. Dipping butterfly locs in hot water is not a recommended sealing method because the locs tend to unravel when dipped. Curly hair products prioritize keeping your curls healthy and shiny—even in a protective style. However, when you’re ready to try a new hairstyle, it can feel a little intimidating if you’re not sure exactly what to do or how.

You want to make sure you’re starting on washed, deep conditioned hair. No other products are needed expect for the moisturizing gel of your choice. Applying leave-in conditioners or moisturizers can make it hard for the hair you’re using to attach to your own if your natural hair is too soft. Again, this doesn’t mean you want your hair dry; get a gel or paste that will prevent your hair from breaking.

Instead, it can make them unravel sooner than expected. Continue doing so until you crochet all the water wave hair strands into your cornrow braids. Your favorite protective hairstyles are your favorite for a reason. They require little to no extra maintenance and they’re easy enough for you to tackle on your own.

Worn micro, medium, or jumbo in thickness, short shoulder-grazing butterfly locs will still give off the boho chic vibe you’re looking for. With the ability to be styled in different colors, lengths, and end finishings, butterfly locs are an ideal transitional and seasonless option to try out for fall. Ahead, TZR spoke to top celebrity hair stylists on everything you need to know about butterfly locs, from what to expect at an appointment to why it’s that style.

After wrapping the hair at least three times, insert your thumb and wrap the strand around it as well. Keep on the wrapping to fasten the loop and then you can take your thumb out. Butterfly locs are a variation of distressed faux locs.