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How Do You Change a Genshin Fishing Rod?

There’re DPS and sub DPS , healers , shielders , enablers (increase team’s overall damage), nukes … Do you switch to a particular character to farm wood? Genshin Impact is a game known for its beautiful open world, great combat mechanic, and profound lore. However, this massive game goes beyond farming for materials and artifacts or fighting bosses. Genshin Impact has a variety of food for players to either cook or purchase in the game.

The Wishmaker is a fishing rod that is sold by Jiawei, who is located on the eastern side of Liyue Harbor . This fishing rod is sold for 20 Medaka, 20 Sweet-Flower Medaka, 20 Betta, and 20 Brown Shirakodai. The Exploding considers subscription tweetdeck unique Population quest will then give the player a tutorial on how fishing works. There is plenty of new information on fishing in that section. There are a total of four types of baits and all of them can be crafted.

Your objective is to always keep this bar within the Ideal Tension Zone, represented by a bracket that also changes position during the Struggling State. There are some situations in which fish will fight harder to not be caught by you. This is called a period of intense struggle, indicated by the Ideal Tension Zone’s change of color to orange. During this phase, the speed at which you can move the Fishing Line Tension is affected. Fishing is not only part of the exploration in Genshin Impact, but can be pretty useful. Having a good rod and the right bait for each fish is necessary to take advantage of this system.

Follow the quest and speak to Katheryne at the Mondstadt Adventurers’ Guild to learn about the Fishing Association. Then, speak to a man named Nantuck who can be found fishing right outside the city’s walls. Fishing forcibly switches the character to the Traveler. As such, if they are currently knocked out, the player will be unable to fish until they are revived.

It involves crafting bait to catch different types of fish, with each type only being attracted to one specific bait. Selecting different bait will attract different kinds of fish, and certain fish only appear in particular areas. There are 20 types of fish, and each fish can appear as an ornamental or normal fish.

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Almost every single area in Inazuma is near the water since it’s an island nation. But those are the specific spots that you should go to in order to catch some fish. He’ll move to a different spot at the edge of Cider Lake and give you a rod to try out fishing for the first time. Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do in Genshin Impact.

In order to do that, first, you need to process the fish you caught into the fish meat in any Cooking location. Doing so will take some minutes and depending on the type of fish used the quantity of fish meat produced is affected. Most rods are sold by vendors from the Fishing Associations who can be found in the main cities in the game.

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This is what the fishing screen looks like There are a variety of fishing rods that players can get in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update. When approaching a fishing spot if you see a blue pillar of light this means that there are ornamental fish in this location. They cannot be traded since they count as furnishing items.