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How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Butterfly locs can last for 2 to 3 months or more with proper maintenance in place. Low ponytails minimize volume on the top and sides so they can work really well for oval and heart face shapes. Try a straight-back low pony or part your locs over to the side and gather at the nape of your neck for a more chic version. This is where the braid/loc placement becomes so important. Right now, your braids may look skinny and somewhat bare. Pay special attention to the braids that will frame your face.

Putting your hair up before bed will reduce unnecessary friction and tension. The pretty texture of butterfly locs makes them perfect for framing your face. Any updo or half-updo can be relaxed a bit by pulling out a few face-framing locs in front, but our personal fave is the low pony. Every 3-4 wraps, slip your thumb in and wrap the water wave hair around it 2-3 times. Pull your thumb back out and wrap normally 3-4 more times, then repeat the thumb technique.

This is where having a solid hair care routine can help extend your style and keep your scalp clean. This guarantees that your curls are in the healthiest possible condition before leaving them untouched for several weeks at a time. The butterfly locs of this bob got additional bents to create better fullness and bounce. The next picture shows that short hair is not an obstacle to installing playful butterfly locs.

You want these twists to be tight enough to secure the hair but not too tight where it’s causing discomfort. Repeat this process, twisting the hair in the same place, close to the root, until you’re confident you made a strong enough base for your loc. Maintaining butterfly locs is similar to how you would maintain other protective styles. Here, find answers to all your pressing questions on how to care for locs. Also, longer styles tend to have thinner locs, while shorter styles have jumbo locs.

That said, whether you are weighing the options of soft locs vs faux locs, this protective style is easy and simple enough to DIY from your home. If the idea of waking up and spending no more than five minutes getting ready is seriously appealing then butterfly locs are the fall hairstyle for you. They add volume and dimension to an already stunning protective hairstyle and are easy to install if you know what you’re doing.

Don’t shampoo hair too thoroughly or too often; it will cause the loops to unravel. Pull the hook under the braid so that the loop and the end of the strand would be on the opposite sides of the braid. Alternatively, you can choose to tie the hair around tightly while wrapping it.

The great thing about this style is you don’t have to be a master hair braider to achieve a beautiful result. Most people can do this style in 3-6 hours, but the longer the length what hair is used for butterfly locs the more time consuming it may be. Whether long or short, colourful butterfly locs are a bold option. To seal the ends of your butterfly locs, you can use two methods.

Pull the end of the strand through the loop to tie the butterfly loc to the braid on your head. Twist the ends of the strand around each other and create small loops all the way down the loc using the thumb technique and do not forget to seal the ends. The long butterfly locs look great, I’m going to try that too. Butterfly locs are special, so you need to take a moment to understand what a long butterfly loc is, and the basics of how long it lasts.

Butterfly locs may not be the longest protective hairstyle to create. You need to allocate 3-5 hours for a short style and as much as 7 hours for longer options. Like we said before, you should not wear butterfly locs for more than a month. Hence, you will need to remove them after this period.

Butterfly loc hairstyles typically last anywhere from a month to 6 weeks when they’re properly installed. You know they’re cute, but you might be curious about where the name comes from. Messy-on-purpose, loose, and casual, butterfly locs take on a bohemian look that never looks overdone. If you don’t want to use the thumb technique, make sure you’re making some wraps slightly looser to get the slack needed to create loops throughout the loc. If you’re using marley hair to add length to your locs, feed-in the hair at the bottom of your natural braid to increase the length.