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How the Property Brothers got Brad Pitt, Viola Davis for Celebrity IOU EW com

Celebrity IOU is an HGTV series featuring twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, known for their appearance on another network show called The Property Brothers. The series showcases how the brothers help Hollywood celebrities give back to people who have positively influenced their lives by surprising them with beautiful bgsu scholarship application and extensive home renovations. The Scott brothers work alongside each celebrity guest, getting to know them on a personal level and creating updated spaces specifically for someone special to the guest and their family. “Celebrity IOU” is a reality TV series from “Property Brothers” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott.

On most of these shows, the houses are bought by the brothers, renovated and sold for a profit. This logic would certainly not apply to “Celebrity IOU,” as the properties Jonathan and Drew Scott are working on are owned by someone for whom the renovation is underway. Therefore, it is likely that HGTV’s network will cover part of the cost of the renovation.

On a much less touchy-feely note, the network can also take care of any legal matters that might impact the renovation. But part of the thrill is the surprise on their loved ones’ faces, and knowing somebody else is taking care of the details from start to finish. Sure, these Hollywood stars can afford to renovate their beloved aunt and uncle’s home—as is the case with Melissa McCarthy—or their assistant’s condo—a la Gwyneth Paltrow. While some viewers are jaded and have observed that the only reason these celebrities go on the show is for positive press, many other fans don’t think that’s quite the case. Back in 2017, Jonathan Scott took to Facebook to explain that he and his twin brother were the ones out of pocket on their home renovation show, Property Brothers.

This question is even easier to ask when you know that a lot of the people on the show are professional actors. However, there is no legitimate information to suggest that Celebrity IOU is scripted. Still, it’s a little hard to believe that people who are used to acting are okay with doing any kind of TV appearance without some sort of heads up. Either way, the show not being scripted doesn’t mean that everything is as it seems.

Kebony Deck Board was used to build the outdoor deck area in the new space. Kebony was also selected for use on episode 10, where Josh Groban guest stars. Groban worked with the Scott brothers to elevate his friend and bandmate Mark’s garage studio, making it into a highly impressive, quality recording studio.