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How to Come Up with a Fashion Blog Name

But not all bloggers are like that; the rest of them have real jobs, real school, and I like reading their blogs because they seem to be real people without airs. Gala went to New York with her ex-boyfriend on his work trip and stayed at a beautiful hotel with him, and promptly broke up with him after he clearly paid for her lifestyle, when she found a way to move here. After I pieced the puzzle together, I stopped reading her blog because I could not believe that someone could do something like that to a person she claimed to love. After reading these threads, I decided to Google the matter more in-depth and found her actual name (Amy Paape which as far as names go, isn’t really all that terrible). If you look closely at the comments in some of the earliest Icing posts, two people by the names of Jonathan and Janet Paape show up writing occasionally.

If you’re planning a trip to NYC, or just want to live vicariously through her blog, you’ll be sure to find all the local gems and you’ll quickly learn the city offers much more than Times Square. If you follow me on Instagram you may have picked up that I had a packed travel itinerary last week. I started out in Palm Springs visting my grandparents and it was so nice to spend uninterrupted, quality time with them.

On the other hand, it is nice escapism to come to her site and never find a sour word in her writing or see any within the comments that have exploded into mini internet wars as we come across so often. There are some people here that are clearly gunning for her failure and I think that it’s gone beyond an attempt to inform the masses and into the malicious zone. From the tone of some of the comments, it seems like nothing would please them more than to have her go back to college, dye her hair brown, and change her name back to Amy. You’re looking for assimilation and some sort of proof that she was knocked down a peg.

We truly had a blast and can’t wait to go back. The Hotel Talisa is located just outside of the main village and they have a shuttle running constantly between the hotel, Lionshead, and Vail Village. We rarely used the car throughout the weekend because parking in the village can be such a pain and the shuttle made it super convenient. We used to visit this same property as a family growing up, but it definitely did not look like this. The Hotel Talisa gave the old property a complete update and refresh – the rooms are so comfortable and spacious and we all enjoyed some of the most delicious meals that we had ever tasted. Hoping your week is going great so far and if you have any suggestions on how to heel a smashed/broken toe quickly, I am all ears!

It has been in the 60’/70’s all week which has made for a nice transition from the tropical temperatures in Riviera Maya. However, we know in Colorado we can just as easily have two feet of snow on the ground tomorrow, so I am soaking in the sun while it lasts. Last year I went to a bachelorette in Miami and learned the hard way that you should always have a few key pieces tucked away in your carry-on. Since I was flying from wintery weather to 80 degree temps I was woefully unprepared and ended up purchasing a swimsuit, sunglasses, cover up, sandals, and some toiletries. I have since learned my lesson and am now sure to include one day’s worth of fun in my tote.

My early 20’s self worried about doing as much in one day as humanly possible and spending little time with as many people that didn’t mean all that much to me. Now I spend more time doing the things I love with less people that I care the most about. Wow, that is quite the story- honestly, you had ie explorers food blog travel blog glasgow foodie me laughing out loud on my couch like a retard- haha. I hate it when that happens, people just have a hard time understanding sometimes. Living on the countryside and taking photos on remote country roads in the middle of fields could be so easy. But isn’t… I just recently wrote about it on my blog.

I got on the next possible flight and 13 hours later got to be with him to say goodbye. I am so grateful for our final time together and the tremendous love he brought to our lives. He truly was my best friend, furry soul mate, and sidekick.

When it first opened, my sisters and I would stop by on a regular basis to check out their new charms and compare our purchases. I recently stopped in to look for a gift and realized that Pandora has changed quite a bit too. I fell in love with this necklace, a long chain with a feather charm and have been wearing it non stop. And I love the that they have so many pieces in rose gold, like the bangle I am wearing from the Pandora Rose Collection. I picked a charm with daisies that reminded me of Hawaii and my grandmother. Also, the stackable rings are adorable and so delicate, I have been getting so many compliments on them.

You are lucky because the farmer was just curious, I had the experience of the one yelling at me because we parked the car but next to his field for 10 minutes. I made lots and lots of mistakes that are currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Everything on social media that looks effortlessly branded, cohesive, and clear takes more strategy and, most likely, more apps than you might realize. From planning the perfect feed to uploading engaging Insta-stories, here are the top apps to have on your phone to keep your profile in tip-top shape. That`s why fashion photography is so important.

That word seems negative in Tiara’s metapost, but the rest of the bloggers mentioned all seem rather down to earth and ‘Real’. Their blogs are personal blogs with content worth reading, instead of an income churning venue. She’s loaded as shit, lives in an amazing apartment in NYC and has everything she wants. I guess most of you haven’t done a lot of travelling in the last decade, it’s really not uncommon to go and stay with someone you’ve never met before. Technology these days allows us to get to know people quite well before ever physically seeing them. For example, couchsurfing.com, livejournal, etc.