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How to Crack CFA USA Level 1 & Level 2 while Balancing the Work-Life? Here are 10 Tips to Earn CFA USA

This is Binod Shankar and you’re listening to The Real Finance Mentor Podcast, from therealfinancementor.com. The Real Finance Mentor is your go-to resource for insight and inspiration on careers and finance, CFA and more. You would think, “Why this podcast?” Well, my goal is to deliver insight and inspiration for your finance career, but making it one, relatable. We zero in on the critical practical issues.

Whereas at CFA, everything just forces you to up your game into the skies. If you ever run out of that thirst for more, which is the fuel, you fall right back down. Yes, you can bring a backup calculator if you’d like, as long as it’s one of the approved models.

We had few issues with our microphone when recording this episode. There is a difference in sound levels between our and Mike’s recordings. Sometimes it is difficult to hear us, but at least you can easily hear Mike’s side. We apologize for this technicality and we will make sure to fix these issues for the next upcoming episodes. This adjustment signifies that if you are borderline but perform well in Ethics, you can have your score bumped up to passing.

As was reflected in my allocated study time – and my CFA results – FRA was my weakest subject by far. While I didn’t have much work experience probiotics for weight loss forum in the finance realm, my extensive academic experience made a difference. Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst is no simple feat.

I’m also doing a couple of financial modeling trainings because that is my field of interest. Lastly, I would say don’t just stick to the academics. The CFA curriculum is very much aligned with the practicalities out there in the world. So use the concepts you’ve learned, analyze companies and markets, make investment decisions based on your research.

CFA Level II involves a lot of details on Financial Statement Analysis. Additionally, exam questions in the Equity section tend to change the most from year to year, with the examination content being more application-oriented. For example, in recent years, the exam content has shifted emphasis from the traditional Dividend Discount Model and the Free Cash Flow Discount Model to the application of RI and EVA . This shift in emphasis greatly increasing the difficulty of the exam.

So then I decided to take up this drilled CFA challenge and cleared CFA level one in December last year. You’re listening to episode number 11 of the Real Finance Mentor Podcast, and I’m the host, Binod Shankar. Now, level two is widely regarded as the toughest level in the CFA program. It’s wide and deep and a huge jump from the small, shallow pond that is level one.