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How To Exclude Words From Google Search Results

Brian Bui Director of MarketingBrian Bui is the Director of Marketing at Directive – the next-gen performance marketing agency for software companies. He has extensive experience in demand generation & developing ROI-driven search marketing campaigns for SaaS products. One last way to exclude results in Google Search and get more precise results is to discover downloadable resources using filetype operators.

For example, you can search for items that are available for Prime shipping, are eligible for returns, or are sold by a specific seller. You can also use the Advanced Search to find products that are similar to ones you’ve already found. For example, if you search for “books” and exclude “used,” you will only see results for new books. For example, if you’re looking for a new book to read, you may want to exclude words like “used” or “refurbished.” To do this, simply add a minus sign (-) before the word you wish to exclude.

If a user no longer desires our service and desires to delete his or her account, please contact us at customer- and we will process the deletion of a user’s account. We use this information to complete transactions, fulfill orders, communicate with individuals placing orders or visiting the online store, and for related purposes. With those words excluded, you get a refined list of websites with the industrial steel drums you want. This can be beneficial in a number of ways, including improving your organic search results and helping to ensure that you are not competing with yourself.

What still seems to work for me is to use a combination of the minus sign and the quotes. I put the minus sign directly before the quotes with the unwanted shop/word inside the quotes. For etsy search results you can try this web browser extension. Please remember a few settings (like language, region, etc.) will last until you change them again whereas others (like all these words, etc.) stay valid for only the current search.

Depending on how broad your search query is, Google will find a range of websites for the search query you typed. Those websites aren’t necessarily relevant to the intent that you had. Is treated as a phrase search even though the search words are not enclosed in double quotes. I really wish they would bring back the minus and quotes functions so we can narrow down searches. It is such a pain to find exactly what you’relookingthese days.

Improve brand discoverabilityEverything starts with the customer. Customer insights drive customer segmentation that creates personalized customer experiences. DesignImpactful design can make or break customer relationships. SEOCraft SEO strategies that build your customer base and how to exclude word in google search their lifetime value to meet your revenue goals. I am using the Find feature of npp to find lines that have the word house in it, but I want to exclude versions of the word such as future house, tech house, and bass house. Only users with topic management privileges can see it.

This will exclude moz.com from search results even if it holds position one. All you need to do is type – and the word you want to exclude. The search operator we will be using to achieve that is, of course, minus or -.

This search will exclude any results that contain my surname. I can use this combination to look for other Olgas in the SEO industry and exclude the results that talk about me. That’s why knowing how to refine your searches can be really useful. Think of a typical Google search that you would make that doesn’t exclude any words.