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How to Find Out if a Person Is Married: A Thorough Guide

If he gave you a fake name and no social media, you may have to rely on snooping through his phone or hiring a private detective to find out who he really is. Just be mindful that these actions will likely ruin whatever relationship you have with him, so if you’re at this point, it might be best to end the relationship anyway. Indicates a breakdown of trust that’s probably not repairable. Know that if you’re at the point of hiring someone to tail your partner, it’s likely time to end the relationship whether they’re secretly married or not. If you’re really desperate, consider hiring a private investigator to do the dirty work for you. Remember that this will probably cost a lot of money, so if you’re only looking for a simple “yes, this person is married” or “no, they’re not,” it’s probably not the best idea.

In our minds, it doesn’t matter if it’s just a crush or a lifelong partner. That’s why some of the signs a married man is pursuing you include being protective. Have you noticed that his wife never seems to be around when you are? Even if you’ve been friends for years, a married man can still be after you. In this case, he’ll make sure that any get-togethers happen without his wife because she’s always conveniently busy. So, choosing to ask you questions about yourself and your life is one of the sure signs a married man is pursuing you.

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This is one of the signs a married man is pursuing you that will probably make you feel awkward. Spotting the signs a married man is pursuing means looking at changes in his habits. Not only does your time together increase but, if you’re colleagues, you seem to have more projects together. One of hot and flashy angie the apparent signs a married man is pursuing you is that his whole demeanor shifts when his wife appears. You might notice him shuffling away to create more physical distance from you. Depending on whether this is just fun or if he’s seeking an affair, he might start getting eaten up with guilt.

He is turned-off by normal sexual activity and accuses you of being oversexed, aggressive, or a nymphomaniac when you have normal sexual needs. That’s why I think it’s so important to know what the pain is in order to take steps to protect ourselves from it. There are certain things that I have never felt were worth the pain involved with a divorce, just so that I could have the option to move on and not have the pain all over again.

Or does he respond and speak with you like it’s a business call? If he’s very inconsistent in the way he speaks to you over the phone, watch his intentions towards you. If a guy who doesn’t want to touch you with a barge pole in public suddenly becomes a passionate Don Juan wannabe in isolation, he’s either got a split personality or another woman back at home. A guy with honest intentions will never feel anxious to be seen in public around you.

Whether you’ve been together for decades or you’re just not keen on the idea of divorce, accepting you’re in an unhappy marriage can be very difficult. This can result in denial, or an “inability to recognize negative patterns,” Birkel says, adding, “if you don’t recognize it, it’s going to be very difficult to improve on your relationship.” When you first get together with your spouse, you’re supposed to feel like they bring out the best in you, and you like who you are around them.