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How to find the Foundation collectibles in Halo Infinite GINX Esports TV

You’ll come across another large room illuminated by a blue pulsing beam above. Visit the weapon and grenade pile on the right side of the platform if you need more equipment before taking The Weapon to the marked terminal to construct the bridge. After you’ve eliminated the few Grunts and Jackals on the platform, do not leave.

He uploads the Weapon back into his armor just as the elevator arrives with Tremonius and two Kig-Yar Raiders. Tremonius snarls and flexes his arms threateningly before using his Jump pack to get off the elevator platform. He lands in front of the Chief and an energy barrier activates behind him, confining all combatants to an enclosed area. The Chief returns to the elevator and installs the power seed into the Crucible. John follows the path of ghostly children into a corridor outside of a larger chamber.

Halsey, who has a Cortana avatar in her palms, cups her hands together. The chamber is surrounded by an array of Sentinels, as well as Banished troops patrolling the ledge to the left. The Chief reaches the upper ledge after clearing the Banished.

The Halo Infinite Foundation skull location is rather well hidden. All you need to do is make your way to the room corridor where the blue animated data children are running around. Follow the at corridor until you’re in a new room filled with pillars and flying buttresses in a Halo fashion. Look up and scan the centre of the room, and you’ll find the skull is on the pillar. It’s a grappling game to get up, but when you do, you’ll find it on one of the pillar’s beams. Now that you’ve acquired the UNSC audio log, take the power seed and return to the elevator.

After you’ve killed all the enemies in this room, head to the end of it to find a control terminal which is used to call down the nearby elevator. Interact with it to confirm that it requires a power seed, which you can find by following the objective marker to a large room with a long walkway into the centre. The Weapon will comment on the genetic repositories in this room.

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With that set of enemies cleared you can move forward to come across yet another set of Grunts and Jackals. Try to pick off the two sitting up on the ridge first so they don’t pester you while you work on eliminating the others. Like the previous area, another Banished is quick2lend legit reddit ship will fly by and drop two more Brutes onto the battlefield. One is a standard Brute equipped with a Mangler while the other is a heavily armored Brute equipped with a Ravager. It’s best to try and land headshots on both these Brutes, especially the red one.

Can be found during the Reach the Surface objective near a door once you clear the room of enemies. Joe covers the latest Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox games for The Loadout after years of experience consoles. He’s also the chap behind our PS Plus Extra and Premium games list. The Banished Audio Log – Cylix can be found next to one of the main doors to progress once you have obtained The Weapon. Activate an enigmatic beacon, exploring the depths of an ancient installation, or provide a timely ordnance drop to change the tide of battle.

During the ‘Reach the Surface’ objective, you will have to go through a door with a blue beam of light coming from above it as shown below. This guide shows the location of all the collectibles in the Foundation mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. 1 UNSC Audio Log will be unlocked automatically during the mission. If you miss a collectible and complete the mission, then you won’t be able to get the collectible without restarting the campaign. Skulls are collectibles you can find in both the open-world and campaign missions which, when found, give you an optional modifier you can use to change gameplay.

These weapons will be a good addition to this mission; the Shock Rifle and the Sentinel Beam are both excellent choices. As a cover, use the pillars to protect yourself because reloads can take a long time. After the cutscene, the Sentinels will appear and you must fight them. Both weapons have plenty of ammo to spare, as well as plenty of hide-outs. To get this Halo Infinite Foundation collectible, you need to get to the large room in which the Weapon will construct two bridges for you.