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How to Lighten Hair Without Bleach, According to Experts

It only works, in a small capacity, for hair is already light, like pale blonde. Applying lemon juice directly to your hair will also lead to drying of the tresses and irritate the scalp. Vol20 – Suitable for light brown hair and can lift 2-3 levels of hair. Let bleach process between minutes, depending on your hair color, desired results, and package directions. “I recommend reading the manufacturer directions on the back of the bottle to ensure you aren’t over-processing,” says Tang. Hair lightening can be a complex process, especially if you have a darker shade of hair or black hair.

But we’re going to get to the bottom of the hair bleaching rabbit hole and explain everything. Don’t forget to check the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom if you have questions. The important part to get right is to achieve the color you want, and to keep your hair healthy in the process. We’re going to sort out how the stages work later. Do consider investing in intensive repair therapy at a salon to ensure maximum protection of your bleached hair.

The formula should be significantly less thick than your bleach formula was. Once you’ve shampooed adequately, apply a deep conditioner or moisturizing treatment mask. I swear by Kérastase Cicaflash Blond Absolu ($42), which is a bit of a hybrid between the two.

There are seven in total and each one contains a group of tones. You can also use Ugly Duckling’s new 10 minute ammonia-free gloss toners. We would recommend a very thorough application ofUgly Duckling Brilliant Blonde purple mask. You should not need anything stronger at the second application stage. In both cases, you need to segment the hair finely so that you are rally saturating the hair very very well with product.

Turn on some lukewarm water (no temperature extremes, which can shock your freshly-bleached hair!). Then, grab a gentle shampoo (Walker and I both love Redken Bleach Recovery, $27) and begin to wash your hair as gingerly as you would a baby’s. In addition how to dye front pieces of hair to being gentle, make sure your washing is thorough, notes Aura. “If any bleach remains on your hair, the chemicals may cause scalp burns or other damage,” she warns. I bleached my hair a total of three times over the course of a month and a half.

Hair porosity – how receptive your hair is to soak up the color in dyes. Porous hair bleaches more readily a lot of the time because the product has an easier time getting inside the hair due to weakened cuticles. The opposite situation is resistant hair, which is, as implied, more resistant to bleaching. Hi Jayne I currently bleach my hair to a platinum color and I’m naturally dark.

When you bleach your hair, the visible color is stripped away to reveal the base pigment, and you can estimate how much lightening has occurred by looking at the base color you’ve arrived at. You can also use the base color as a guide to what level of toner you should be using and what color you will ultimately be able to reach after toning is complete. Using the product haphazardly can result in uneven lightening and brittle hair. Other unintended hair color results like red or yellow are also some of the common potential mistakes when you bleach hair at home. I have dark brown/black hair with white/grey roots. I want to use the blonde/platinum color with the grey roots.