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How To Make Money Writing: 92 Websites That Pay $50+ in 2021

A perfect opportunity for a writer with an opinion on woodworking to score a byline and some sweeeet cash. Note that this site doesn’t publish straight-up travel narratives. Whenever and however you decide to work, you’re going to love experiencing the convenience of having complete control over your income. You can earn as much as you like through our platform by taking on as many gigs as you like. Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on PinterestShare on RedditShare on WhatsApp Laundry business is fast gaining… Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on PinterestShare on RedditShare on WhatsApp Free Lotion Making Training (Learn…

The quickest way to make money online is by writing. But the quickest way is generally like writing for a few dollars per 500 words or so. As a writer, if you fall for that trap, you will be doing only donkey work. Determine your own pricing and you can see that writers can earn quite notable money. This has created a market for smart writers who can write for a specific audience.


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This is another site where you’ll need to negotiate pay before you write your article. Gothamist pays $50-$150 for reported pieces about New York. Stork Guide focuses on pregnancy and parenting of newborns and toddlers. The Bold Italic might be a great fit if you’re from San Francisco or have a connection to the city.

I’m sure that’s something you know quite a lot about if you’re a freelance writer. Here you have a perfect opportunity to earn $50 for your original article. Once your work is published, you’ll get paid via PayPal. The final payment will depend on the popularity of your article.

You would have to come up with a brilliant idea for a blog post that’s between 800 and 1200 words long. Make sure it’s 100% original and submit your pitch through the contact form on the site. For the majority of our articles, we target about 2,000 words. For these articles, we will pay 2 cents per word which comes out to about $40 for articles that we publish. Article lengths are assigned based on the topic, so you’ll know up-front how much you’ll be paid for your efforts. Freedom with Writing pays $50+ for lists of paying publishers.

They make all their payments on the 15th of each month. If you’re a natural humanist with a passion for food, high culture, veganism, and humor, this is a perfect site for you. It’s best if you can provide a couple of original images as well. You can get $50 for your submission upon the acceptance of your work.