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How To Safely Remove Your Dentures

Rinse your mouth vigorously until the dentures feel as though they are loosening up. Sprinkle some powder on both your upper and lower dentures prior to inserting them in your mouth, and shake the dentures to spread the powder around. You will want to use an amount similar to sprinkling icing sugar on a cake. If you have challenges removing your dentures, stop by your dentist’s office for advice and guidance. A dental assistant will likely be able to help you, or the receptionist may even have advice that improves your technique and helps you to get your dentures out. If you are uncertain about how much adhesive to use or unable to remove a denture secured with adhesive, contact your dental health professional for advice.

You may discover that you’re not cleaning your dentures often enough, not using the right cleaners, or damaging your dentures as you clean them. Occasionally, you may notice that your dentures slip out of position. This can sometimes happen when you smile, laugh or cough.

To add flavor, you can include mint or another preferred flavor. Clean and massage your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth each day before putting in your dentures. When holding your dentures, stand over a sink filled with water or place a towel on the counter. That way your dentures will be protected in case you accidentally drop them. Also, keep your dentures safely out of reach of children and pets.

Eating will become easier as you get used to your dentures. If you have lingering denture problems, don’t hesitate to see your dentist for help. Over time, you’ll learn to hold your dentures in place with the muscles in your cheeks and tongue.

However, because everyone absorbs instructions in different ways, you may find the following advice from our dental prosthetists useful. Cleaning them twice a day is a great habit to get into. Now press down gently where the denture meets the gums. That way, your dentures don’t break if you accidentally drop them. Why aren’t your dentures feeling like they’re a good fit?

Always consult a qualified medical or dental practitioner for a second opinion before proceeding. Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is located in the heart of Tweed Heads, southern Gold Coast. Finally have the smile you deserve with onion and gout handcrafted, quality dentures. Remember, your dental prosthetist is here to help with any questions or issues you may have. The clicking noise or sensation occurs as the clasp goes up and over the undercut and into position.

Earlier this year, a report in the journal Case Reports in Surgery described a 50-year-old man in Turkey who apparently swallowed his dentures during sedation before surgery. Over the next several weeks, he returned to the hospital four times with bouts of bleeding in his throat and coughing that produced blood. Doctors eventually discovered that the man had a torn artery in his neck near the area where the dentures had caused tissue damage. He needed another emergency surgery, along with several blood transfusions.

There is no benefit to using more than the recommended amount of denture adhesive. Using more will not improve the hold, so follow the instructions on the label or the directions from your dentist. Finally, adhesive is not to be used as a substitute for poorly fitting dentures.