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How to Study for the MCAT in 3 Months

Whether you have years to prepare or a single week, we’ve got your covered. Watch the video at the beginning of the next study session; this will be the second time you’ve heard it and that will make it so much easier to absorb, process, and learn. I listen to audiobooks as I do chores to combat my ADHD kicking in. Sometimes I will space out entire chapters as I get caught up with what I’m doing.

User information is not sold or shared with other organizations. Additionally, a lot of people in the six-month-plus period try to fit in studying around a lot of other things. So they have to be very honest about what their real downtime looks like. And there are some days you only feel like eating five or you just don’t feel like it. August/September exam dates are suitable for candidates who are already in school for quarter semesters, as this will give them enough time in the summer to prepare for the test.

If you are studying for 12 weeks, 6 weeks will be spent on phase 1 and 6 weeks will be spent on phase 2. Many students who want to learn how to study for the MCAT think they need to study 24/7 for 6 straight months. It is important to manage your workload to avoid burnout.

You have been studying for months; don’t let stress hinder your MCAT performance! While a healthy amount of anxiety will keep you alert and boost your focus on test day, too much stress can work against you. If you’re skimming and reviewing what you already say you know, you can probably zoom through the content at a rate of 25-50% a week, for example.

You need to reflect before your test day and think about how you usually feel after a test and the types of nerves you get. Genuinely feeling that you did poorly is not the same as nerves. You fall ill during the MCAT exam or you hear about a family emergency. This is a valid reason to void your score as your illness will affect your ability to do well. This depends on your individual circumstances and timing of the current application cycle.

MCAT CARS strategy to learn what to expect in your MCAT CARS section, perhaps the most challenging part of the exam. When you lose focus, you become anxious and your confidence falls, which severely destroys your scores potential from increasing. Keep in mind at this stage, top scorers are not satisfied until they have mastered MINIMUM 90% of the material.

Head over to our MCAT test dates and release dates blog to find out when you can register for the test. Another metric is to continue to study as long as your scores continue to improve. If your MCAT score stabilizes, it is a good idea to take the exam, atf salary as long as that score range is acceptable to you. Do plan ahead and leave time within your university career to re-take the MCAT if needed. However, avoid letting the option of re-taking the MCAT distract you from making your best effort to prepare.

In the Gold Standard MCAT online lessons, we offer yet another type of video called Virtual Classroom. These are whiteboard-type lectures where Dr. Ferdinand summarizes particular chapters from the book or ebook. We recommend that you watch these Virtual Classroom videos before reading a particular chapter. Some medical colleges impose certain co-curricular prerequisites as part of their entry requirements. You may opt to take the MCAT a year before completing any required coursework. You can then focus on finishing your coursework plus any requirements of the medical school you are aiming to apply.

Start by reading the first page of the chapter which describes what you should memorize, understand, etc. You also read all the titles and subtitles in the chapter, review all tables and images . Now you are ready to read and you have the proper concept and objectives. When choosing the best MCAT books for your MCAT prep, please understand that everyone is different and so you are really trying to decide what is best for you. Designing an MCAT study schedule that is most effective and tailored to your own academic and personal circumstances would involve considering several factors. How to design an effective study schedule that is tailored to your needs.

Wondering if you’re making the most of your actual study time? Evaluate your productivity and become a more efficient student by tracking with a timing app like Toggl. You can use this template to manage your study schedule well. A vibrant template to help you organize your study schedule in a fun manner! You can divide your study material into times of the day viz.