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How To Throw A Four Seam Fast Ball

A 2 seamer should be thrown at or close to maximum velocity while providing added movement. Explore my pitching workouts and throwing programs for players who work hard and don’t make excuses. Squeeze the ball with your thumb pushing it against your middle finger. Rotate the ball in your hand until you find the “horseshoe seam”.

Still a fastball so all force is applied right through the middle of the ball creating backspin with a little extra pressure on the index finger. Rotate the ball in your hand and find in between where the seams are the closest together and the open side of the C shape. Rotate the ball in your hand until you locate the horseshoe or C-shape seam.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about gripping and throwing a 2-seam fastball with simple, step-by-step instructions… We’ve listed some additional grips below that can be used. Primarily, our pitchers will use “FT 1” about 75% of the time, but finger placement can always be adjusted based on comfort. The grip above will keep the thumb positioned underneath the ball for control, but its placement can be modified based on comfort. We usually see most pitchers either put their thumb directly underneath the ball or just off-center.

Always throw from increasing increments of distance to warm up your arm before attempting to throw hard. In order to add speed to your fastball one may play long toss or play catch with a weighted baseball. Place your thumb directly under the ball in the middle of the opposite C shape. But the good news is you absolutely can develop better movement on your 2 seamer. Take a sneak peek under the hood and see how PRO baseball coaches approach youth baseball coaching.

At the major collegiate level and higher, two-seam fastballs are typically thrown in the low 90s , but with much variation. Many pitchers like to throw the two seamer inside to hitters. wiffle pitching machine A right handed pitcher will throw it inside to a right handed hitter. The average two-seamer/sinker posted a whiff rate of only 6.0%, by far the lowest of any pitch type.