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How to Unlock Weekly Raiden Shogun Boss in Genshin Impact

Keep on top of these tactics and make sure your buffs are topped up, and you should have La Signora beaten in no time. Genshin Impact introduced La Signora at the end of the Mondstadt story arc where she attacked Venti and stole his Gnosis. Afterward, she appeared again in Liyue where she had struck a deal with Zhongli, and then again at the end of the Inazuma story arc, where you must face her in a dual before the throne. You’ll want at least one Pyro and one Hydro character in your party to deal with each of La Signora’s forms.

When you notice that, give it everything you have and back away afterward. Next is to bring a character that can offer a shield against element attacks. With La Signora’s attacks having elements and can be frequent, it would be best to bring like Zhongli or Diona to lessen the damage and probably lessen her resistance. Bring healers too even if you have shields since her attacks pack quite a punch. La Signora stays inside the Cryo shield to release ice slashes with sharp ice knives and arrows towards players. She also creates a shower of ice arrows in the area of characters to cause Cryo DMG. The boss jumps and lands behind your character to attack suddenly.

When La Signora’s health gets low, she will gain a new attack that allows her to turn into a pyro tornado that rages across the room, turning her path into a deadly ember-infused stretch. You will want to look out for her projectile attacks, her ice flowers, and the icicles that she summons onto the field. These are all rather easy to dodge and you can usually tell when an attack is coming and what direction she is sending it in. Sadly, each attack will help to cover the room in ice, making it hazardous to safely move around the battlefield. There’s even an environmental variable to keep track of in this fight, too. The Genshin Impact La Signora boss fight has finally arrived, and we’re here to help you defeat her.

Fight against her to finally close her chapter and get materials, artifacts, and other items. To fight La Signora in Cryo form, you can take Diluc, Yoimiya, or Bennett. For a character against her Pyro form, you can use the Electro Traveler, Ganyu, Tartaglia, Ayaka, Mona, or Xingqiu.

Signora’s moves will leave trails of blazing heat, similarly above and destroying torches will clear the blazing trails near its vicinity. Signora’s pyro phase, just like what it suggests, this time Signora will hit you with her pyro moves. This is a much more intense phase than the last one as Signora will be more aggressive this time and use whips that have fast attack speed. Use nearby fiery butterflies to amplify and add Pyro to your attacks. You can also break her shell using Pyro skills, but the butterflies deal more damage.

Most players will be blindsided about how exhausting and lethal the fight can be against this Fatui Harbinger. If that happens in a weekly boss challenge, then players might have to swallow their pride and lower the World Level. Signora also has a “Cocoon Phase” after its Cryo phase, where Elemental Reactions that affect Cryo are required to progress through the phase.

Her death was caused by another major character, the Raiden Shogun. The first time everyone met the beautiful yet dangerous La Signora in Genshin Impact was after the end of Act 3 of the Prologue. This was after you defeated panera greek dressing nutrition Dvalin and finally cured his craziness. After returning and restoring the Holy Lyre der Himmel, Venti was attacked by La Signora together with other Fatui agents and mages and then stole the Gnosis off Venti.

When La Signora reaches a certain amount of HP in her first phase, she will shield herself in a pillar of Cryo. Use Elemental attacks and gather Crimson Lotus Moths to quickly destroy the barrier. Although it seems like Signora has a shield, she actually does not and you can attack her directly. The circle around her just prevents you from staying close to her. The following characters uses up materials that can only obtained by fighting La Signora! As one of the Fatui Harbingers, La Signora is a formidable foe that has stood as one of the main antagonists in Genshin Impact.

If you decide to stand near them, make sure to keep dodging, as Signora will continue throwing ranged Cryo attacks your way. Pyro devices are scattered around the stage, so you’ll need to periodically stand near them to dispel the chill. This does make you a target for Signora’s many ranged attacks, though, so we recommend destroying the Pyro devices to immediately remove your status. If you do this, you will, however, have to wait a little while for them to respawn. You can also bring Goulash along to reduce the cold’s brutal effects. This, in turn, will also lower the difficulty of the Signora boss fight, making her easier to defeat since the characters are overpowered at that point.

Keep attacking her while keeping yourself, cool and she’ll go down quickly. Always use both Cryo and Pryo characters to counter this boss in Cryo and Pyro phases. The Cryo element can be used to counter this boss in the second phase.