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Inside Look: The RVCA Sport Training Center

We had an opportunity to take an inside look at the company headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, including the highly functional VA Sport Training Center, which far surpasses any combat athlete’s needs or expectations. VA Sport, as it’s known, is more than a marketing offshoot of it’s originator. It’s an extension of the lifestyle that the Southern California brand embodies. You may know RVCA as a staple in the skate and surf lifestyle industry, competing with the likes of Quicksilver and Hurley. However, the brand also competes in the men’s activewear space with a division called RVCA Sport. RVCA was founded in 1999 by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes, a professional surfer from Hawaii.

In 2018 Boardriders acquired Billabong International Limited, gaining the Billabong, Element, Von Zipper, RVCA and XCEL brands. Meanwhile, ‘Buchecha’ has a new MMA challenge ahead of him in wrestling world champion Kirill Grishenko. Fans can catch their performances live during North American primetime on August 26.

The Rvs Corporation provides a lot of services, tools, and resources to people that have been in the life of a Rvs Corporation employee, and to those who have been in the life of a Rvs Corporation member. The Rvs Corporation also provides a wide variety of software and hardware solutions for those who are in the life of a Rvs Corporation member. Corbett is currently signed with Lion Fight to provide color commentary for all 14 events during 2019. ONE Championship is in the works to host more submission grappling matches and signing new grapplers by the end of the year with the intent of possibly adding a world title to the mix. American Top Team fighters Adriano Moraes and Marcus Buchecha are the only two competitors performing on one of the biggest tickets of the year.

All of the VA advocates are known as scrappy, tough fighters who grind to the end, and most of them have world championships to their names. So as much as the VA Sport lifestyle is “bought,” it’s just as much earned. The advocate team is what really sets RVCA apart in relation to its competitors. The brand is not afraid to step outside of its skate and surf roots and enter the somewhat controversial combat sports world.

Try not to make a biased decision, and choose the right gym based on how good you think you can get there. Believe me, there are many people that join a gym and tell the coach, “Yeah, I want to be a top fighter, and go pro!” and never show up to train. If I power fit percussion massager had to guess, out of the 100 people that say that, only 1 person will actually make it there. Also, keep in mind that a lot of gyms and coaches can spread the word on fighters. VA sport represents a subculture that is built on respect, hard work, and grit.

So, having a good reputation from the start can help find you that coach. If you are a beginner, try to find a gym that doesn’t have many pro fighters that demand their coaches’ attention on their top fighters. If you are a beginner, you won’t be a top fighter yet, and won’t get as much of the coaches attention when you need it most. It doesn’t matter how nice the facility may be, or how many top fighters they have there, it’s about you, and finding a gym that can take you to the top. Also it is very important to find a gym you are comfortable at, your fellow fighters should be just as willing to help you learn as your coaches, and training should be something you look forward to coming in each day.

The Rvs Corporation tends to be older and has more members, whereas the other organizations have just recently joined. Its hard to find a company that does things the same way all the time. The Rvs Corporation is made up of a group of people who have been together for a while and are happy. The other organizations are made up of newbies who have recently joined in.

Our facility is located at Unit 1, Crown Court, Varsity Lakes, Queensland and is just a stone’s throw from the main highway. Expect to see a new release from VA Sport soon, with a full line of men’s activewear and a few accessories. In the mean time, shop their current line here, and be sure to give them a follow for more inside looks of VA sport. The artwork inside the center was done by the one and only Artist RETNA. This piece is a roll call of everyone involved in the original training camp in 2009.