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Iron + Grain Coffee House expands to Silvis, renovates East Moline location

We designed the coffee house to showcase our artisan made furniture pieces. Guests of the coffee house can view and purchase these handmade goods. We also featured tall glass windows for guests to be able to peer into our in-house roasting room.

Iron + Grain gives customers relief from their daily stresses by providing a great ambiance, a convenient location, friendly customer service, and excellent coffee. Iron + Grain Coffee House is located inside The Rust Belt, a car manufacturing company that has been turned into a rising area for local businesses. The coffee house features exposed brick walls and concrete floors.

“It was really crazy adapting to all the different challenges and all the supply chain issues and all that other crazy stuff. But somehow, someway with these employees and really good customers, we’ve been surviving and it’s been awesome. So, we’re still aisha jaffer happy to still be here,” said Hogg. We offer clothing for women, men, kids, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers. The landmark castle-shaped White Castle in the Indiana town will be replaced with a newer, larger, more modern White Castle restaurant.

Dasso, owner of Streamline Architects (575 12th Ave., East Moline, plus offices in Iowa City and Peoria), always wanted a coffee shop next to his offices. Since 2015, his architectural firm has grown and expanded with a sister company, Streamline Artisans, for all your woodworking and fabrication needs. It was good but not worthy of that price in my opinion. If it was a little cheaper I’d definitely go back but there are plenty of other coffee shops that have better prices. The QC is a bi-state, Iowa and Illinois region with the world-renowned Mississippi River as our front porch. We’re centrally located and it’s easy to get here.

Fitness Equipment / 5 hours agoA wall-mounted pull-up bar is easy to use, easy to set up and relatively inexpensive when compared to other home-workout equipment. Weighlifting / 5 hours agoWeightlifting gloves are a smart addition to your workout gear, and they’re even more affordable than your standard gym membership. The coffee house is a welcome addition to the growth of the Hilltop, where the pandemic caused many to close. Iron & Grain Coffee House held a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday for its newest location in Silvis, located at 1251 Avenue of the Cities.

Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. “We have a beautiful space already, but we’ve learned a lot and we’ve worked to make the space more efficient,” Dasso said. The renovations will make things easier on employees and customers, Dasso said. The location is set to open again in early April.

Our multiple downtowns and main streets offer their own unique and diverse experiences that will make you want to visit us again. Iron + Grain Boutiques is owned by Ashley, who also owns Red Barn Boutique. This is Red Barn Boutique’s main storefront, and is home to many other small local businesses. The newest shop, 1251 Avenue of the Cities, Silvis, is drive-thru or walk-up only, with no indoor space.