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Is a Parenting Marriage a Viable Alternative to Divorce? DuPage County Family Law Attorney

This reduces the amount of time parents spend with one another, but it still allows for family meals and a great deal of flexibility. Some parents have also reported that this type of divorce is less stressful for their children. However, the key thing is that both partners need to have the same vision of what marriage will look like. If one is expecting regular sex or certain assets and the other partner is not on board, then the marriage will not last. Make sure you both communicate clearly before the marriage takes place.

All of this will negatively impact the libido of the person thus facilitating a platonic marriage. Couples start their “business” by building their lives and families around their union of love. Love becomes the foundation for romantic relations, social partnerships, financial partnerships, household partnerships, and co-parenting partnerships.

But in the past few weeks alone, she’s talked to four couples from across the US who told her they’d like to explore the option. She and her husband, Clark, tried therapy but they eventually realized that they wanted different things in an intimate relationship. As a therapist, she’d seen the damage divorce could do, especially to kids. The last thing they wanted to do was to drag their son Jonah, now 11, through an ugly breakup while they all were grieving.

Chances are that the percentage of sexless marriages ending in divorce is even higher. However, some couples manage to convince themselves that a sexless marriage is nothing to worry about, and those marriages can last a lifetime. Platonic marriages appeal specifically to couples who desire a relationship with their best friend to build a shared vision, share in the responsibilities for existing children, and experience all life has to offer as husband stoney ridge farm and wife. The New York Times reports on sexless marriage that 15 percent of married couples have a sexual dry spell ranging anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Conversely, a sexless marriage is defined as one where partners have sex less than once a month and no more than 10 times a year. Also known as a parenting marriage, a marital partnership is a non-romantic marriage where the parents stay together and live as a family for the sake of their children.

When couples struggle to be kind to and supportive of one another, when their communication is dripping with criticism or contempt, or when they are gridlocked over other significant topics in their lives, it’s common to not want to have sex. When a married couple stops loving each other, it’s hard on parents and kids alike. For some families, creating a parenting marriage is the best option. In these cases, this arrangement is positive and healthy for kids. If your spouse is less sexually driven than you are, you might find joy and relief in other forms of expression.