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Is it appropriate for a man to wear a cowboy hat with his suit while attending a wedding?

If you are buying one, know your hat size ahead of time but also try the hat on before you buy it. Cowboy hats have a long tradition, both for functional purposes while working and as a fashion statement. Even if it seems as simple as setting the hat on your head and going about your business, there are some rules to follow if you want to wear a cowboy hat properly. You need to get a hat that fits right, shape it a little bit, make sure the front is forward, and angle to give your look the proper attitude. Whenever you choose a cowboy hat over other alternatives, you must pay attention to the quality. The more you pay attention to the quality, the better will be your selection.

Stetson made the hat out of fine fur from beaver, rabbit and other small animals to withstand the elements. Thanks to its durability, the “Boss of the Plains” was ideal for the demands of the working Westerner and became incredibly popular. We’ve identified plaid wool coat mens this photographas a primary source within our collections. Researchers, educators, and students may find this photograph useful in their work. If warranted, remove your hat with your left hand so that you may shake her hand with your right.

Guest wears a cowboy hat, with a black and white pin striped suit day 4 of Paris Womens Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018, on March 1, 2018 in London,… Popularised by Hollywood celebrities, open crown headwear feature a dramatic crown, typically dent free and rounded. These have a completely different appeal and go well with the official attire. Moreover, people are experimenting with their looks and featuring these hats in red carpet events these days. The most common and traditional category of cowboy hats is the cattlemen. It features a crown, curled brim and center crease.

This is usually reflected in the price, with felt cowboy hats being more expensive than straw ones. The differences between the Cattleman and other styles of cowboy hats such as the Gus, the Brick, and the Pinched Front may be subtle. While it isn’t common in most parts of the world, wearing a cowboy hat with a suit isn’t unusual at all in some southern American states. Trying to wear a cowboy hat with a formal-looking suit to a truly formal setting will usually lead to a formality mismatch and more than a few awkward stares.

However, it’s important to make sure it’s appropriate and not “too much” for the event you’re attending. It’s also worth considering whether it would be appropriate to wear the event you’re attending. Today the cowboy hat has become as much a part of fashion as it is function. Adorned by cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo athletes, musicians and movie stars alike, the cowboy hat is a truly traditional item of the West. Another key to being a proper cowboy is to remove your hat when you go inside. The first Rule that is indisputable and critical, is DO NOT mess with a cowboy’s hat.