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Is there a website that shows all the Spotify and Apple Music curated playlists a particular song is on? : popheads

While distributors and publishers have a hand in delivering your music to listeners and consumers, it’s label managers that analyze it. Finding new musicians to work with is easy with the help of these tools. Whether you check your data on a monthly basis, or daily… Boost Collective is the best option for releasing music and getting streaming data. There comes a time when promoting your Spotify tracks when we need to see results.

The best option would be to avoid playlists that do not show up on the ‘Discovered On’ section. These type of playlists are not 100% fake however, they will not help you much when wanting to get your music exposed. Always make sure to check out the sprite visual novel playlist owners Spotify profile before attempting to submit your track to their playlist. One day, Peter received a much more worthy offer for his bot Spotify accounts. So Peter decided to move them from James’s playlist to someone else’s playlist.

Fake Spotify playlists have no benefit for any indie artist wanting to promote their music. The sooner you identify a fake playlist, the quicker you can rule it out and find a better and real one that you will benefit from. In today’s music industry which is run on data and industry trends, there doesn’t exist many music analysis tool for Apple. This makes the “revolutionary” music analytics tool a hassle in the first place. Make sure you have a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account set up for your band. (Don’t just use your personal accounts!) You don’t have to be active every single day on all these accounts, and don’t worry too much about your follower counts.

Knowing ad campaigns results is crucial – not a “nice to have” cool feature. This lets you can assess how well your songs have been doing. Boost Collective shows this on your audience engagement distributor’s dashboard. Getting a table of streaming royalty data every quarter can let you see just how well you’re performing. Use this to gauge the extent to which your music is connecting with your audience. For such strategic campaigns, you need in-depth knowledge of your target demographic.

While the song is now streamed more from user generated playlists, it still is being discovered 75% of the time from the Spotify owned and operated playlists it is still included in. Spotify for Artists back end , I can identify the periods the song was performing at certain numbers, and then can coordinate the graph back to the playlists the song was on during those periods via Spot On Track. Measure the number of days the song was in a playlist – You can also see the current position a song is in a playlist or the peak position it was previously in. It doesn’t seem to be in the US top 200, so I think there’s probably a mistake tracking his streams and he’ll appear tomorrow.

Once you’ve chosen one song to focus on, choose a “Pitch Week” at least 3 weeks ahead. Highlight that week on your calendar and make sure you can set aside a few hours each day throughout your pitch week to focus on your release. Find the tempo , key and time signature of any song, search by artist or song. Streamify helps you increase the popularity of your Spotify tracks with organized play campaigns – all genuine. Followers for the top 1,000 lists at Spotontrack.com, a website that tracks Spotify playlists.

While your previously-released material won’t qualify for influential playlists like New Music Friday, you can still leverage your existing content on Spotify with a well-planned campaign. With your understanding of each artist’s audience you will develop tailor-made digital campaigns to enhance the impact of new releases, and grow, retain and engage fanbases with an emphasis on creative ideas and solutions. You will dig into data to understand the effectiveness of various strategies and make recommendations for continuous improvement, providing actionable insights. B) Other avenues of song discovery may not be as powerful on Spotify’s platform than its own playlists, unless these marketing drivers are in powerful tandem with each other or the song is inherently viral. However, the value of additional avenues of exposure is still essential to artist development and an overall record’s record success.