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Islands of Greece: 5 Largest Island, 8 Least Crowded Greek Island and 14 Most Visited Greek Island 2022

Nestled within the Dodecanese islands, Symi is a stunner of an island to explore. It’s easily up there as one of the best Greek islands to visit if you’re in eastern Greece or on the nearby island of Rhodes. Now, the island itself might not be well-known outside of Greece, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it.

To experience a laid-back and down-to-earth Greek experience, Ios is one of the best islands. To get away from the tourist scene a bit, you can visit the smaller island of Ios that has left to offer tourists in the way of modern amenities. Locals on Ios live a simpler life, with few restaurants or vehicles. There are spectacular beaches, bays, ports, and even waterfalls for people that want to embrace the aquatic aspects of the Greek islands. So you can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life by vacationing here.

Meanwhile, Eritrea boasts an archeological museum, an ancient temple, and an amphitheater. There are breathtaking beaches that are suitable for couples, families, and solo travellers. Perhaps you are curious to know about the largest Greek island for general knowledge reasons.

Out of the 6,000 Greek islands, there are countless ones with a tiny land mass. These are the smallest of the “main” Greek islands with at least a population of 100. With over 200 inhabited Greek islands, there are many with small populations (some even in single digits!). So big you could visit a different part every year and not get bored one bit. However, the Northern Aegean islands dominate by land area – but not by holiday packages.

You can learn about the depth and possible realities behind these illustrious tales and more island’s history. But if history isn’t your thing, the wildlife along the ways to travel without a car shores and throughout the island is remarkable and exciting. People love to stay in luxury hotels where they can view this monstrous volcano right from their room.

It’s known for its numerous beaches, medieval architecture, and enchanting atmosphere. Greece is home to several clusters of islands, many of which lie in either the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, or the Saronic Gulf. The largest clusters are the Argo-Saronic Islands, The Cyclades, the North Aegean Islands, the Dodecanese, and the Ionian Islands.