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J Misa Collection 18inch Standing Porcelain Victorian Doll with Stand, Hong Kong

Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Doll is made of the finest quality, handcrafted and dressed in a fashion designed costume, unique to its character. You have a beautiful doll but it is sad that it is estimated that over 90% of dolls available are worth no more than dollars and usually less. Preparation for sales on eBay or any other site take time and even if a doll sells the profit is so minimal that it’s just not worth the effort. Years ago Christmas time was when everyone listed their dolls for sale but now it’s almost a waste of anyone’s time to think about selling during this period or even next year.

Most actually sit on eBay UNSOLD for months. There is just a glut of dolls on the market at the moment. My grandmother wants me to sell this doll that her sister gave her years ago. I can’t find any information about this doll anywhere. You will need several good pictures and the doll would have to be of of the box and post with a good description and size.

Here is a sample of those that recently sold. You can see at the bottom of the list there are several ringers in the brand that sold for more, but they are the larger dolls , for some reason the tall dolls held their value more than the smalls. There are a bunch of Misa dolls listed for sale on any given day. While I could not find your exact gal, they average in sold prices 9.99 + shipping. You can always check eBay’s sold listings to see what is selling and what people are actually willing to pay for J. It is an 18″ Victorian porcelain doll that comes with a stand and a Certificate of Authenticity from JMISA.

Some doll makers wanted their dolls to appear to be timeless. Create an account to buy or make an offer on an item in our Shop or sell antiques at Kersten’s Antiques. This item came from the estate of a huge doll collector.

The doll has an umbrella opening mecanism that allows her to stand on the flat surface.

My daughter received this as an Christmas gift and has no real interest in dolls. There is no name on the certificate, only that it is 0732 of 5000 pieces. She is 43 inches tall and has not been messed with, so is in original condition. 18″ Exclusive Collectible Porcelain Victorian Doll, fancy hat with soft, white feathers, this Victorian beauty is a great addition to any porcelain doll lover’s collection. If you have the box, that may add a tiny amount to her value, but sadly most of this brand of dolls sells for under $15 online. Sometimes dolls with red hair fetch slightly more .

If you sell on eBay use the Advanced Seller tool so you can put the exact package weight and size in the auction. Never let eBay calculate shipping for you. Be sure to package her very, very, very carefully if you are going to sell online as she is very fragile.

Accented with lace, ear rings, necklace, crown and are hand made with excellent quality. Each doll comes with the Certificate do watchover voodoo dolls work of Authenticity. This is not a toy, for ornamental purpose only, not suitable for children under 14 years old.