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Jen Hatmaker Divorce: What Is The Reason Behind Their Separation?

Hatmaker asked for prayers and for privacy as she and the family work through their grief and loss during the divorce process. She asked for prayer and she asked for people to respect her privacy. A religious liberty newsletter that is a must-read for people of faith. Integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness, goodness, compassion, healthy community, honor, faithfulness, love, self-control, kindness – it will all hold when your life unravels.

Jen Hatmaker, a popular Christian writer, blogger, and former reality TV star, has filed for divorce. Jen never revealed the reason behind splitting with Brandon. This led millions of followers to make their hypotheses regarding this subject matter. Many thought Brandon cheated on Jen, whereas some directly messaged Jen to know the reason. This stunned the fans and Jen as well since the duo has been through a lot in life together.

The two have kept their private life away from the social spotlight and have carried ahead on their paths. In the lengthy caption, Jen revealed that she is “shocked, grief-stricken and broken-hearted”. She did not reveal the reason or the details of the divorce and implored her followers to remember them in their prayers. She also urged the “interloper who revels in the pain of another” to spare them of the “cruelty”.

Jen makes a considerable profit by co-founding Austin New Church with 240 guests in its total capacity. Jen serves as the church’s board member with her then-husband. Brandon Hatmaker is a graduate of a Catholic institution crush lee tiffany divorce known as Oklahoma Baptist University. This was the same place where Brandon met his ex-wife while he was studying arts. Though Brandon has thousands of fans, this would not have been possible if he and Jen had not married.

He later released a statement urging people to stop harassing him and prying on his personal life. Since Brandon and Jennifer’s divorce in August 2020, he stepped away from his role as a pastor. Along with that, he is an American author, philanthropist, and reality TV Star. People know him better as the ex-husband of Jen Hatmaker. He is also a co-founder of Austin New Church which is located in Austin, Texas. A community foundation namely Legacy Collective is also in his grasp as he is the co-founder of that community.