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Jewelry Designers

Please note that processing and shipping times could be longer during sale periods such as Black Friday. Grant is pleased that most of the exhibition’s big-ticket items, including abstract pieces by Oloyé, have already sold. Sotheby’s cleared a space in its New York showroom and the exhibition began in September. One of those early sales was a hi-spec iteration of the Johnny Nelson Fist Ring, which incorporates the raised fist popularised by the Black Panther movement.

This jewellry store is one of the fastest growing online jewelry and accessories store in Nigeria. Originally founded in the UK in 2007 by designer Nkwo Onwuka, the eponymous label relaunched in Nigeria in 2012 with a focus on the preservation of traditional craft. I was super grateful for the opportunity to speak on the two things I love the most and the miracle of finding the bridge that connects my two worlds, which are jewelry design and technology. He is an alumnus of Enterprise Development Centre of the Lagos Business School , Pan-Atlantic University . Through his training, mentoring, speaking and coaching programmes, he has empowered many young people over the years to start and grow their own business, build wealth, create multiple streams of income and achieve financial independence. Make sure that you put these quality photos of your jewelries on your brochure.

So you’ll have to work hard if you want to get your jewelry design business noticed. In any jewellery design space, it is sometimes hard to make things that are instantly recognisable as the work of one creative person. Yet Anna Raimondo has created a brand personality and a design style that are uniquely hers, and as a result, the SMITH Jewellery brand is truly memorable. Jewellery is such a personal thing, and often those buying pieces to wear or to give as gifts are inspired by the stories behind each unique piece, or by the cultures they reflect. The Katy Valentine Collection, a business and brand named after its creator, uniquely takes its inspiration from Africa and India, but with a contemporary design aesthetic.

DOLA moved to London in 2021, seeking to express its heritage and quality at an international level. The fine jewellery they make is sustainable for more than one reason. Not just creating timeless jewellery made of high-quality materials that stand the test of time but each piece is inspected. The brand has high expectations for their pieces to last a very long time both in quality and in style.

The design intricacy – known as filigree technique – draws inspiration from unique craftsmanship in Northern Ethiopia & Eritrea. Sign up today to receive the #1-rated newsletters for Africa’s women entrepreneurs. As the world is increasingly more interested in African design, particularly in the accessory and clothing space, one lg nanocell vs samsung qled entrepreneur in Ghana is captivating attention through her label Pernia Couture. Anna Cole Ojukwu is taking the best of African inspiration and turning it into must-have accessories and clothing. “I educated myself through my engagements with artisans, workshops, lapidaries and my networks in the wider industry,” she says.

It takes a huge amount of passion and personal conviction to change careers, and start a business. But Tayo Bello, founder of jewellery design company Bello Creations, successfully made the brave leap from IT specialist to jewellery entrepreneur. Inzuki designs create bold pieces that are a fusion of both the African design and contemporary style. This Rwandan brand is now targeting international markets through distributors and an online store. Jacqueline Rabun launched her first jewelry collection in 1990, and was instantly recognized for her expert handling of precious materials and natural forms in a modern context. For those who want bold and detailed statement jewelry, look no further than Harwell Godfrey.

The older the designer in the market, the more knowledgeable and experienced he or she is. Many customers love the Azarai-produced customized jewelries and their customer base has thrived over the years as a result of these satisfied customers. You can request for customized gold jewelries at Azarai Jewellers to fit your specific needs. The jewellers at Azarai are particularly known for their excellent and top notch service. Additionally, Eternal Circles is quite popular for their 18k gold rings which are known to be of top notch quality. An emerging sustainable fashion label from Nigeria, Pepper Row was founded in 2018 by Omafume Niemogha.

Her mother’s affinity for ornate jewelry is apparent in West’s own line of geometric statement pieces. Martine Ali’s downtown cool, industrial-feeling jewelry is highly recognizable and has been worn by everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Lady Gaga. Her line, which includes silver chain chokers, safety pin earrings, and ID bracelets, is designed to be convertible and customizable. Bernard James seamlessly melds modern concepts with traditional techniques in his eponymous jewelry brand. James’ attention to craftsmanship and eye for detail is apparent in his delicate yet highly ornate pieces.