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See Exhibit QQ; Ex. NN; see also Andry Report for additional details on FSS.The iOffice has also collaborated with President’s Team member Glenn Wells. See supra at 13.

However, it cannot reliably differentiate the organism causing the infection, meaning culture remains the gold standard for identification. Culture positivity rates reported vary greatly between institutions and settings . Low culture positivity is attributable to the very small size of the specimen, use of antimicrobial agents by the patient prior to presentation, the quality of the corneal scrape and incorrect inoculation of media, in addition to laboratory factors .

Development of molecular techniques, such as pan-fungal 16S rRNA PCR, have been favoured due to the very small size of specimen. PCR has emerged as both sensitive and specific test for the diagnosing fungal keratitis, benefiting from a high positive detection rate , with some evidence that it may be more sensitive than the traditional microbiological techniques of microscopy and culture . However, the accuracy of PCR to diagnose fungal keratitis is dependent on adequate sampling and the primers used.

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Timepoint 1 represents the earliest year for which values were available, Timepoint 2 represents the latest year for which values are available. The years for the two studies are given as labels. The percentage change per year is plotted against the secondary y-axis.

Added to this is the fact that FK is particularly challenging to treat. Antifungal drops are rarely available in sub-Saharan Africa and often scarce elsewhere where the burden is greatest . Mycotic or fungal keratitis is a severe and potentially blinding infection of the cornea and is considered an ophthalmic emergency . It is one of the leading causes of microbial keratitis or corneal ulcer.

The primary outcome was complications of TKA measured by a composite of death from any cause, perioperative or postoperative complications resulting in a discharge delay, unplanned procedure, or readmission for at least 12 months after TKA. Secondary outcomes included hospital bed day utilization, anthropomorphic measures, and patient-reported outcomes. Bariatric surgery compared with usual weight management advice (treatment as usual ) in people scheduled for TKA. The findings suggest that people with severe obesity and knee osteoarthritis should seek to lose weight before considering TKA, and weight loss appears to reduce the complications of joint surgery.