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KoKo NYC 776 Lorimer St Brooklyn, NY 11222 Williamsburg

It comes in generous portions that are great for sharing if you’re planning to order more than one starter. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking what do you call people from dubai for the best eats in the big apple. Williamsburg has a lot to offer, whether you’re craving the cheesiest pizza or the creamiest pasta.

For the past eight years, he has secured Executive Chef roles at several notable Caribbean restaurants such as Negril, Footprints, and Savvy, Bistro Bar and Lounge, just to name a few. He’s passionate about his native Jamaican cuisine and takes pleasure in teaching it to others, balancing old customs with cutting edge techniques and trends. He melds traditional Jamaican cooking with international cuisines from Asia and Africa. Adventuresome in the kitchen, he prepares extraordinary yet familiar food that thoroughly delights both the eyes, the spirit, and the appetite.

If you’re a mimosa lover, drive down to Kokomo and enjoy the spree. If you are looking for a spot within Brooklyn to hang out with friends and family or host a special event, Kokomo is the place. The place prides itself in inclusiveness and diversity in a way that demonstrates love to people of all walks of life. Lastly, we recommend checking out Grand Street’s newest bar, Haven for drinks and billiards before you head off to dinner. This new lounge is offering 2 beer and shot combos along with an hour of pool for just $25.

That’s why we prepare all of our meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. If you aren’t a cocktail or wine person, you’ll find all sorts of beverages on your menu; water, soft drinks, mocktails, juice, and coffee are available, depending on your preference. You’ll be hit by delightful starters when you come here as you go through their menu to identify what meal you want to have for the day. The Kokomo menu comprises brunch, dinner, Koko hour, cocktails, and beverages. The restaurant has staff from almost 30 countries for extensive dining experience. Regardless of the cuisine you like, there is everything for nearly everyone in this place.

This dish is simply FIRE, and you’ll keep wanting to come back for more. Many of their dishes are traditional options made with a Szechuan twist. If you’re in search of real, quality Szechuan cuisine in Williamsburg, Birds of a Feather is the first place you should visit. Something like that exists in Kokomo, and it tastes crazily good. The perfect blend of Caribbean spices and a creamy umami finish that your tongue will savor, Koko’s Island Pasta is a clear winner.