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Kyle Wade Clinkscales Parents Family: Was Car Found With Dead Body? Missing Update On Reddit

The Clinkscales said the woman reported that the young man came into her business a few times a month to play pool, had only been in the area since February, didn’t know anyone in the area and was a quiet person. The car Kyle Clinkscales was driving when he disappeared in January 1976 was recovered Tuesday in a creek maya tanden in Chambers County and bones were found inside. “I’ve been aware of his missing person case since my younger years. My dad played high school basketball with Kyle and was close with his parents. Wow,” one remarked. Johnson has been charged with concealing his death, giving false statements, and obstruction.

I tell myself I’m strong enough to accept the unknowable. Finally, about halfway through the book, Clinkscales gets around to a detailed chronology of Kyle’s story. John and his wife Louise did many of the same things my father and I had done after my mother disappeared.

He sounded disappointed when he said, “You think somebody killed him? ” I was surprised he hadn’t used one of his stock responses. It was late enough now that we could sit outside without sweating. He’d recently cut a few trees that had gotten so large they would’ve destroyed the house had they fallen. The creek flowed over a flat concrete spillway and fell a few inches into an almost stagnant pool.

As reported by CBS News, John also established Find Me Inc, a non-profit missing-person organisation. A new lead in the disappearance of Auburn University student Kyle Clinkscales appeared this week after his car was found in a creek in Chambers County, Alabama. Martha Morrison, Clinkscales’ aunt, was at home in Oxford, Alabama when she was told about her nephew’s Pinto Runabout being found. On Thursday, she traveled to LaGrange to identify it with law enforcement. He lit a cigarette as I pulled into the red clay driveway.

Jones, who claims he was present at Hyde’s, said he “heard two shots, and I—when I turned around, I was in shock. And we carried him and put him in the shop.” Later Hyde told Jones that he’d put Kyle in the lake but that he’d eventually gone back and moved him to a place where he thought no one would ever find him. By the summer of 2021, when I moved back to the Nashville area, I’d grown bored watching these videos, but some of them still appeared in my suggestions.