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Landing Reviews 2023

Pre-furnished apartments ensure that WFA employees have what they need and more to work — ergonomic chairs, wide desk space, and space to think. Landing is an apartment subscription service that is reinventing the way people rent. We provide our members access to tens of thousands of fully furnished, flexible-lease apartments in over 375 cities nationwide. Searching for the perfect new home is easy, and booking takes just minutes thanks to our streamlined, end-to-end platform.

While the rents for the apartments through Landing are understandably higher, I have not had a great experience with this company. I was lured in with a 30% discount that lasted for only one month after I was told the original apartment I booked wasn’t available. I was only told a week before I was set to move in that I needed to find a different apartment, and it was not clear to me that I was getting a one-month discount for the one the agent recommended. When I called to complain, I was told that I would just need to find another apartment to move to if I wanted to try to lower the steep rent.

At Landing, they always strive to provide their tenants with an amicable lease agreement and work hard to address your concerns promptly. At Landing, they understand that managing lease agreements can be complicated. That’s why they hello landing reddit offer an additional layer of support to take the stress off your shoulders. Their experienced property support and Landing Support teams are available to answer any lease-related questions or concerns you have along the way.

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I orderd the new key card the same night and it was ready before 11AM the next morning. The reservation called me from my apartment that he was in. I could see him entering on the security camera. I blocked my calender for weeks so I could be accomadating for the reservation. I spent days peparing and making sure my space was perfect.

Before signing a lease, you should take the time to inspect the space and make sure it is up to your standards. Check for any damage and ensure all the appliances are in good working order. Think about what kind of lease terms fit your lifestyle and needs best. Do you want a month-to-month lease or a longer one? Make sure you read through the lease to understand all the terms and conditions so that you won’t be surprised in the future. Owning an apartment is an investment, but it also takes a lot of work before it shows returns.

In the furnished apartments, Landing has an entire interior design team tasked with making rentals truly feel like home, and they use an exclusive line of furniture to make it happen. Plus, the basics are fully stocked so you are free to pack exceptionally light. So what is flexible living in the era of working from anywhere? Flexible living is the perfect solution for people looking for short-term options. It provides an affordable and convenient way to stay in a new location without feeling tied down or having to make long-term commitments.