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Let’s Get Naked! We Dare To Bare On Nudist Beaches In Sopelana, Spain

Everything from popular resorts to rocky coves which include some of the least visited beaches in Southern Spain. Peaceful Barinatxe beach, untouched by mass tourism and sheltered by craggy cliffs, is a 752-metre-long dreamscape, frequented mostly by locals – as such, it’s blissfully free of ? The crowds of Brits you’ll find in the sun-baked south.

Usually, the nudist beaches would be in more remote parts of the littoral, hidden from the general public. Cap d’Agde is a full-fledged naturist town-resort with an impressive 2 miles-long stretch of sandy Mediterranean perfection. Located in the southern Languedoc-Roussillon region of the country, it has been developed as a capital of European nudism after the Second World War. Today it’s a heaven for all the nude aficionados catering specifically to nudists, having strict norms when it comes to tolerant behavior, and boasting superb sea views.

Better try the cove of Tío Ximo, where bathing suits are on display in its tiny bathing area but nude bodies abound on the sides. The longest beach in Menorca is slightly over two kilometers long, and boasts fine sand that feels very satisfying under your feet. To reach the nudist area, leave the car back at the hotel and walk around 300 meters. Bathers should heed the flags alerting to the swimming conditions. The nudist beaches that dot Spain’s 8,000-km coastline have an innate ability to appeal to our physical senses as well as our inner dreams. The time has come to go out looking for them, as the waters of the Mediterranean will be warm enough for swimming by mid-June.

There are sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars so you’re never far from civilization. Nevertheless, it still has some of the most striking oceanic corners to select for your next naked break. Located on the west coast of the southern region of Algarve, Praia das Adegas is magical.

There are plenty of beach bars to choose from sporting the typical vibrant Ibizan atmosphere. And you’re never too far from the world-known clubs of Ibiza town. So have a liberating nude dip in the morning, lounge at a cocktail quote on moving to a new place bar in the afternoon, and dance the night away in one of the island’s iconic nightclubs. This is not a beach itself, but a group of small separate coves sometimes by rocks that begins in the walk of the Roche Lighthouse.