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Lexie Hearing Launches the Lexie B2 Hearing Aids, Powered by Bose

The plastic retention piece, shaped like a hook, is designed to tuck back in the bowl portion of your ear, which ensures that the hearing aid doesn’t fly off when you’re moving around. Overall, it looks good, even if it’s slightly larger than other modern hearing aids. Whether you have hearing loss, tinnitus, or both, finding the right brand of hearing aid and getting them fitted correctly are important. Our team at Treble Health reviewed the Lexie Lumen hearing aids to help you decide for yourself. Cheap hearing aids directly without going via an audiologist, healthcare, or insurance provider. There are other companies in this category that sell hearing aids online.

The package is well designed and contains everything you need to get the hearing aids fitted correctly and set up. I liked the compact, minimal packaging and very clear instructions. Lumen hearing aids come in five color options, including gray and metallic black; I chose the bronze ones. We find that Bose hearing aids are best for customers with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who are looking for an affordable, low-hassle way to try hearing aids for the first time. The best over-the-counter hearing aid depends on your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Not only do they persist up to 30 hours on a single charge, but the included charging case also stores up to six additional charges for times when you might be on the go without an outlet. These don’t have any fancy apps or smartphone requirements either. Just put them in your ears, adjust to your liking and you’re ready to go. While that is a large chunk of change, it’s still a fraction of what prescription hearing aids cost. If you buy through Lively, you can get a 100-day trial, three years of support from an audiology team, and a three-year loss and damage warranty.

The warranty, however, is only 90 days from the time you receive your order, so make sure you work them hard during your 45-day trial period. It offers a wireless charging dock, and reviewers love how discrete these aids are thanks to their tiny size. As you might expect for this price, you don’t get a ton of bells and whistles.

The Lexie Lumen may not be suitable for those who prefer the smallest hearing aids. The device is fairly inconspicuous, with clear tubes and tips. BTE hearing aids provide hearing correction for a broader range of hearing loss compared with smaller models. The Lexie Lumen hearing aid is an FDA-approved device with a BTE design.

Designed to amplify key noises, the Lexie Hearing Aid assists those with auditory disabilities. It even pairs with an app, which helps make modifications easier. The company has yet to gain online publicity, other than 11k Facebook followers, but it did win the Hearing Technology Innovators Award for Telehealth & Remote Care in 2021. After talking with the MDHearing subwaystamp audiology team by phone and adjusting the fit (which was done by emailing photos and receiving the audiologist’s feedback), he was able to eliminate the whistling noise. Free online hearing test so you can learn your degree of hearing loss. Our Reviews Team had to search to find the hearing test on the website though; the link above will take you right to it.

It uses a speech-in-noise screening approach, which is common practice for most audiologists. By determining your ability to recognize speech with background noise, the test can indicate whether you would benefit from a hearing aid. In-depth product reviews and videos of hearing aids, hearables and other hearing-related products. All content is written, produced or edited by Doctors of Audiology. We are reader supported and may earn a commission when you purchase through links on our site. It uses a standard hearing aid battery, which is okay, because that’s the status quo, but that’s changing.