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Life Makeover: Embrace the Bold, Beautiful, and Blessed You Dominique Sachse

Maybe she is a kind giving woman but comes off fake and phoney. IDK, women who are attractive always, IMO, have to work harder at being perceived ‘nice or authentic’ b/c other women can be so awful and catty. I know, I’ve dealt with that my entire life. YOU, WE, know nothing about their real marriage and/or what happened. I doubt it had to do with money, Dominque is well worth over $5 million herself.

Seriously looking up her financial information, court information, her property taxes. I mean, get a life….I’m sure none of you look as good as she does, yeah, she’s had tons of plastic surgery (it’s sad) but she’s admitted to it. And, no she isn’t rail thin, she works out, and has puposely lost weight, she said she intermittent fasts, and used to have an eating disorder. She looks fit and frickin healthy and good. The fact you’re so defensive about someone standing up for another woman, whom, as I said, I don’t even know or care for is also weird.

Starting from the basics, Dominique Sachse is an Emmy-award winning American Journalist, Youtuber, and social media influencer. She has gained fame mainly as a news anchor at cheyenne buys divorce KPRC-TV, taking the interviews of many celebrities. Also, as a Youtuber, Dominique has gained a massive fan base. Most of her videos are on makeup, beauty, and tour vlogging.

Whereas the name of her father is Peter Sachse. “I appreciate your love, and I appreciate you being with me. You know, I’m not the only one out there who is going through something like this.” Copyright © 2023 Click2Houston.com is managed by Graham Digital and published by Graham Media Group, a division of Graham Holdings.

Dominque Sachse and her husband, Nick Florescu, have been married for more than two decades. The couple is blessed with their wonderful kids, Styles Florescu, Isabella Florescu, Ava Florescu, Alex Florescu, Ella Florescu, and Nick Florescu, Jr. As we know it, Sachse and Nick have been the happiest couple we have seen, and the bonding family shares is extraordinary for the people who witness it. In recent news, Dominique Sachse and her husband made the decision to end their marriage and file for divorce. After more than twenty years of marriage, the former news anchor has stated that she and her husband have decided to divorce on good terms. She was married to the man who is now her husband, but he chose to divorce her after a very long battle.

Later in her career, Sachse entered the television industry, where she quickly became a fan favorite. But after working for more than two decades on television, Dominique Sachse retired as a news anchor to become a YouTuber, author, influencer and Encourager. The family-oriented and charity-minded Sachse seems quite occupied with her works, but she admits she is finally living the life.