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Looking for a Shoulder and Bicep Workout? Try One of These

Remember, the Zercher position will allow you to load more weight than the front or overhead squat. Keeping your back straight, curl the bar towards your chest, aiming annies protein bars to bring your hands to shoulder height. Using an EZ curl bar and a preacher bench, set the platform to sit comfortably under your armpits as you lean over it.

Sit on an exercise ball and you add even more instability, which helps you work on balance, stability, core, and shoulder strength all at the same time. Pullovers target your chest muscles as well as the muscles of your upper and mid back, including your lats. Carefully lie back onto the bench while maneuvering the bar to one side of your body.

Start with light weights until you become comfortable with the proper movements. With the bar at the peak of the power clean position, perform a squat aiming to have your thighs parallel with the floor. We would tend to leave supersets towards to the end of workout.

The EZ bar increases resistance on your core and it allows you to get some more shoulder work in at the same time. Lie on the bench with the EZ bar at chest level, your feet planted evenly and firmly into the ground, and your shoulders down and back. Hold the weight with your elbows tucked so the bar is at upper chest level. Bend your elbows and slowly lower the bar down to somewhere between the top of your upper chest and your chin . Your elbows should stay pointed forward and in front of the bar throughout the exercise. The EZ bar JM press is going to target all three heads of your triceps effectively.

You’re likely to end up incredibly sore, which could keep you from staying consistent at the gym. Furthermore, it’s important to leave a few exercises on the back burner so you can swap them in when your progress starts to stall. Do not pull your head back or down as your shrug. Perform a shrugging motion, as if pulling your shoulders up toward your ears. Start with the bar resting on your upper chest, just below the collarbones.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and grab the EZ bar with a medium overhand grip. Make sure your shoulder blades are retracted to protect your shoulders, then press the EZ bar straight up at mid-upper chest level. Grab the EZ bar with a close overhand grip and lie down on the flat bench .

Stand with your feet about hip to shoulder width apart and hold the EZ bar with an overhand grip . The exercises a little further below are not only the best EZ bar exercises, they are best when done with an EZ bar. So, while you can do those other big compound exercises, these are the ones you want to do with an EZ bar even if you have access to a straight 7 foot barbell and dumbbells.

The French Press is just a fancy name for an overhead tricep extension. This is one of the best tricep exercises you can do, let alone EZ bar tricep exercises. Just as a heads up, we won’t be spending as much time on the other exercises as we just did for the EZ bar’s “bread and butter’ exercise. But, we will cover the important points to know for each of the exercises that follow. While you should keep your elbows pinned near your side, once you reach peak contraction, you can slightly lift your elbow forward to get more activation in the biceps brachii.

As you can see, with this 4-way split exercises that work the back and biceps have their own training day. Doing this not only enables you to use more exercises for the back and biceps, but also enables you to concentrate on your back and biceps by using more training volume. Another popular approach is to select alternating exercises that are performed every other workout day. For example, you might choose the following alternatives for a full-body workout. Doing this will help you to keep the emphasis entirely on your biceps. Begin to push the bar upwards to squeeze your shoulders at the top.