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Medical Coding & Billing Salary Comparisons

This informative website offers a wealth of information regarding healthcare technology in the state of Georgia. Within Georgia the bottom 10% of those working in the career earned $24,710 whilst the top 10% earned $59,170. Connect with a community of peers, and find a program that will allow you to continue your education in a fast and flexible way. Click a salary below to compare with Coding Specialist salaries in Atlanta, GA. You realize that the organization you work for has some holes in its HIPAA compliance environment. As a result, you pursue a compliance certification and make a position change in the organization.

A mid-level experience will have you earning $30.86 an hour or $64,192 a year. Now, if you have been working for quite some time and you have gained a great deal of experience, you can expect to earn an annual salary of $73,150 a year or $35.17 an hour. Medical billing and coding can be a rewarding career, but it is not always easy. You have to juggle a lot of different responsibilities, and sometimes it feels like you are constantly swimming against the tide. So, before making any decisions, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons carefully.

Other employers may require you to work a flexible schedule, where you work long hours some days and shorter hours on others. The BLS lists the states with the highest annual medical billing and coding salaries, as summarized in the table below. The size of the community and its economic health can influence compensation rates, as in the District of Columbia, which ranks the highest. This guide focuses on medical billing and coding salary information from the U.S. Readers can explore wages by types of positions, location, and salary growth projections.

“When you network with other professionals in the field, you open yourself up to advance your career,” Korn says. Medical billers can tap into a host of online resources available on this website geared towards medical billers. Medical coders can work from home, in doctor’s offices, or in healthcare facilities. Medical coders review medical data and assign the appropriate standardized code needed for billing. Whether you’re looking to earn your online degree or you’re a parent looking for answers, you can find all of your questions covered here. Explore these resources to help you make informed decisions and prepare for whatever is thrown your way.

It is up to the medical coder to make sense of physicians’ reports, notes and transcriptions by assigning the appropriate codes to the specific services performed. Medical billing certifications are issued separately from medical coding certifications, although many programs combine the two disciplines into one curriculum. AAPC offers certifications, code books, exam study materials, local chapters, distance learning classes, and other resources and tools. Medical coders use specialized software to digitize patients’ medical records. You can take many paths if you want to advance your healthcare career, beginning with becoming a medical biller and coder.

You will provide a valuable service that saves time, money, and resources for both your employers as well as your patients. I hope the top 13 pros and cons of being a medical biller and coder that you have just read will help you make the decision of whether this path is for you. In terms of workplaces, large health systems pay the most for medical billers and coders with an average salary of $57,860. Certified professional compliance officers earn a median wage of $80,550, indicating that certification can significantly increase pay. Billers and coders in the Pacific region make an average of $62,810 per year. The most common medical billing and coding job settings include hospitals, doctors’ offices, and insurance agencies.

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Chart of average salaries for different coders with different levels of experience via AHIMA. By catching them, you’ll transition into one of the best coders on the team. In other words, medical coders that have all their certificates and credentials weren’t affected by the pandemic at all. Even more impressive is that medical coders who had credentials remained at 98% employed. According to ZipRecruiter, a medical coder working from home earns an average of $49,699 per year, or $23.89 per hour.

Some of this increase comes from hourly workers who earn overtime, which is often 1.5 times the hourly rate. Medical and surgical hospitals salaries are around the middle of the pack. Median salaries are lowest in physician’s offices and outpatient care centers, according to the BLS. When you break it down, the variance in pay bluedroid tv 1.0 according to location is due to a handful of reasons. Population—and therefore the concentration of people who need medical care—can also impact how much healthcare organizations are able to pay. When it comes to salaries for medical billers and coders, where you live and work isn’t everything, but it does have an impact.