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Megan from HubSpot speaks about HubSpot’s Documentation Process

And the ease of use and the numerous features is why all of us here at Digital 22 absolutely love using HubSpot to blog. These are the reasons I think your marketing company will love it too. HubSpot has a great feature where it can internally link to previously written content via the link icon in the toolbar.

Kero One’s about me page tells his story in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Including these East Asian languages helps Kero One connect with listeners in these different communities. The style and tone of your about page should match the services you provide. For personal websites, consider placing your contact information front and center. Your visitors shouldn’t have to search to see how they can reach out.

Hit the plus sign on any platform to create as many social messages as you want. The good news is that there are tons of blog formats to choose from to help you with your marketing efforts. Links included in the article should be related to the content and only used to provide more context or back up a claim/stat. Avoid mentions of products or services and self-promotion links unless related to the subject. They publish articles written by subject matter experts. Ideas and arguments should be backed up by evidence, whether it’s in the form of supporting research, relevant examples, or interesting data.


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It’s a way to show you that you appreciate the content that someone has shared. So far in this introduction to Medium, we’ve acted mostly as passive observers. We’ve set up an account, and started following some accounts, publications, and tags. In the next section, we’ll dive into the more interactive aspects of Medium.

It’s straightforward to add bullet points, change font colours and change alignment. The content saves itself automatically every few seconds. With WordPress, you’re responsible for downloading your own plugins and making sure they’re up-to-date; with HubSpot you don’t need to worry about that. The Schedule tab lets you publish your blog now, backdate or schedule for automatic publishing at a later date. HubSpot tracks the analytics too once you’ve published your post so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

Specifically, Medium provides data on views, reads, read ratio, and recommends. Depending on the specific size of the image you upload, you’ll have two different size options to choose from for displaying that image. These size options, which will appear in a pop-up menu after you insert an image, include left-aligned and center-aligned. Alternatively, you can click on the plus icon to open the same menu you used to insert the separator in the previous step. From there, you can upload an image from your computer, insert a URL to a video, or insert the embed code to another type of media using the corresponding icons. Of course, if you really want to get fancy, you can use Medium’s drop caps function.

The first criteria to assess your article is the expertise and authority of the author and the quality of the written piece. Send a tip, pitch, or full article by visiting their “Got a Tip?” page and filling out the form. They ask that you allow five business days (i.e. excluding weekends and holidays) for them to review your article. If you haven’t heard from them after five business days, you can submit your article elsewhere. They review submissions about once a week and aren’t able to respond to all submissions. They’re cool with you sending one follow-up email to check in, but after that, you can assume it wasn’t a fit.

Every part of your post should be focused on enhancing a reader’s skill set. Aim to provide actionable insights throughout the article rather than summary, strategy, or statistics alone. I’ve personally found the optimisation feature crucial when writing my posts. When there are so many moving parts to writing and publishing a blog post, I can be forgetful. You can send previews to clients or readers and see how they like it too. Or if you write for your own blog alone, you can see how it’ll look when published.

Unlike traditional blog comments, Medium responses are treated as individual stories. In the same two locations where you can recommend a story, you can also share that story to Twitter or Facebook , and you can bookmark the story for later reading by clicking the bookmark icon . Tags are sort of like the hashtags of the Medium ecosystem. When you publish a story on Medium, you get the option to add up to three tags, which appear at the bottom of your story.