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Member’s Mark Smokeless Wood Fire Pit $170

Other than the first couple of minutes when we lit the kindling, the X Series was virtually smokeless, as promised. We fed logs as needed to keep the wood loaded even with the rim, which had flames extending 12 to 24 inches out of the fire pit. The X Series is the shortest model we tested, which meant that we could feel more heat radiating lower on our knees as we sat two feet from the fire pit. This smokeless fire pit offers an eye-catching design that complements a variety of patio styles.

Finally, tipping the scales at 45 pounds, this fire pit is heavy. The Tiki Brand Fire Pit has a clever airflow system that recycles hot smoke back into the fire chamber. During our testing, it was easy to ignite, firing fire pit sams club up in about 5 minutes and fully burning in 15. Our top pick is TIKI 25-Inch Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit. It includes everything you need to get started using it, including wood packs for easy burning.

Manufactured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the X Series is constructed from a mix of corten steel and 304 stainless steel. As a result, the X Series doesn’t require a rain cover or weather shelter. In fact, after six months of exposure to the elements, the outer wall of the fire pit develops a natural patina that protects it from corrosion. Executive Editor David Carnoy has been a leading member of CNET’s Reviews team since 2000.

Tiki’s Patio Fire Pit features a slightly tapered, cylindrical design that sets it apart from others while still allowing it to blend in with almost any décor. One of the first things we noted when unpacking was the openings around the rim that act as hand-holds for lifting and moving the fire pit—something few models account for. The black powder coat finish might be subdued, compared to stainless-steel models, but we liked the fact that it doesn’t discolor after use. Smokeless fire pits typically burn at a higher temperature than traditional fires and put out more BTUs of heat compared to fires of a similar size. Sometimes this means that more fuel is needed for a single fire.

It is also a deep fire pit, helping with its smokeless technology and keeping ash and sparks from flying out. This smokeless fire pit from INNO STAGE is a fantastic value, even for a large size. It comes in three sizes and two colors, stainless steel and painted black.

Once the kindling is lit it then catches the hardwood fuel on fire. Start with the smallest wood first and then move to the larger logs once you have a good fire going. The smokeless wood burning fire pit is easy to assemble and made of 304 stainless steel and powder coated side panels. The brand new Breeo Y-Series is the latest model from the folks who introduced the first smokeless fire pit. They’ve made it smaller and lighter than previous models, and added a handle on the body, positioned to balance the fire pit when carried in one hand at your side. We found it to be the easiest full-sized, non-collapsible fire pit to carry.

The angular design gives it a distinctive look to add style to your patio if you’re using it at home. It’s easy to set up; simply stack the double-walled fire pit bowl on top of the ash tray, then light a fire. Luckily, the best smokeless fire pits let you enjoy all the ambiance of a traditional fire without all the smoke. The Firebowl has a nice long hose to keep your gas tank away from the open flame, so it is safe to use. It gives off a significant amount of heat; because it is gas, heat can be adjusted as needed. A fire pit that can start the evening on a low setting for the ambiance and finish it with a roaring fire to keep the chill away is a luxury that wood burners don’t offer.

BioLite offers a bundle with a grill grate that sits over everything. The grill lit up fast, in less than 5 minutes, and was fully burning in less than 10. The models on this list are all from established outdoor brands, and they’re either bestsellers, highly ranked or worthy challengers for the best fire pit. We tested many backyard fire pits to determine their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the quality of the tools that come with them, whether that’s a cooking grate or just a fire poker. Let us help you choose the best wood fire pit for your backyard or patio.

Our tester in Southern California lives in a high fire-risk area, where keeping sparks and embers contained is essential; she tested this kit along with the Solo Stove screen. The Tiki screen comes with a poker-style tool that you can use to remove the screen when it’s hot and to rearrange logs . The screen does make the stove’s opening a little smaller, but she didn’t have any problems reaching in to tend the fire. We also like that you can remove the lid and hang it off the rim while you add more logs. Avoiding the industrial look of most smokeless fire pits, the Tiki has a gentler backyard aesthetic. Though the ashtray is somewhat flimsy, it is simple to remove and clean.

The best smokeless fire pits work because of their double-wall design. As the fire burns inside the pit, the walls heat up, causing the hot air to rise through the space between the walls and get pulled in through vents in the fire pit. This heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and is burned again in a process called secondary combustion. Both units have a removable ash tray for easy clean up, and promise a low-smoke experience. At 51 lbs, the Maker’s Mark fire pit is more than double the weight of the solo stove bonfire, and is one of the heaviest smokeless fire pits that we have reviewed. Many enjoy the smell and visual pleasure of wood-burning fire pits.