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Merci beaucoup Idioms by The Free Dictionary

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A typical response to this expression is ne vous en faites pas. Je vous en prie is a more appreciated and formal way to respond to thank you. This response can be used to respond to thank you expressions such as Merci Beaucoup, a wenis Je vous remercie, etc. You would normally give this kind of response to your staff at work, in business meetings, or any other official gatherings. However, this response can also be used for informal purposes, if you wish to.

Easy and versatile, it can be used in many different situations – whether you’re talking to your friend, mom, or a complete stranger. And don’t be stingy with your “mercis” – in French culture, common courtesy is very important. C’est normal is a slang used in the french community to serve as a response to almost any ‘thank you’ phrase you receive.

For formal situations, it would be much better for you to say merci par avance instead. In the French language, the word beaucoup means ‘a lot’ and by saying so, you will sound more genuine, and engaging than just saying merci. As Merci may not be enough or proper to show your gratitude in some situations. This article will discuss other ways to express your appreciation, to whom you can use the phrases, and how you should respond.

At work, in class, when talking to your business partner – all those situations require a polite way to say thank you. When it comes to grammar, there’s nothing complicated here. You can simply say “merci” when the situation allows for that. Whether you’re leaving a store or having dinner at your French friend’s home, it is essential to know a proper way to say thank you in French. DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.