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MH Freaky Fusion Dolls

Part Harpy and part Centaur , she’s not your average student, even at Monster High. Suitable for children aged around 6+, and one of the top toys this Christmas. Freaky Fusion Monster High Doll, release date 2014, in very good condition.

Well looked after dolls from a smoke free home. Each freaky fabulous doll offers twice the freaky flaws along with killer style. The Freaky Fusion – Freaky Fusions doll line consists of five characters, which are one of the four hybrids and all four fusions released in the entire Freaky Fusion lineup.

All Monster High dolls come with a back story, and the Freaky Fusion ghouls are no different. Avea Trotter is currently £27 in Tesco, and all of the Monster High Freaky Fusion dolls have a recommended retail price of around £19 to £27 depending on which doll you choose. They’re definitely more interesting than your standard doll and will pose just as well, The dolls and very well made and the children like them, and they’re set to be one of the top toys for Christmas for the 3rd year running. Avea Trotter is one of the new Freaky Fusion Hybrid dolls from Monster High, and as her name suggests, she’s a little strange.

Featuring a monsterrific blend of Sea Monster and Chinese Dragon scaritages, the Monster High Freaky Fusions Lagoonafire Doll is a positively frightful addition to any collection for play or display – a doll stand is included. Learn more about the creepy cool contradictions of this fused ghoul in the included diary, with all of its gory details! Collect other Monster High dolls and accessories to expand the storytelling fun to horrific proportions . Lagoonafire doll wearing fashion and accessories, purse, brush, doll stand, and diary.

There are fun newMonster High® Freaky Fushion dolls available that mix some of this hit toy line together. This post has been brought to you by Monster High®. All opinions and love of these fun and freaky dolls are completely and totally our own. These disney princess royal collection monster mash-ups mean new freaky flaws, new dual-personalities and spooktacular style. Fusing the Sea Monster heritage of Lagoona Blue with the Chinese Dragon ancestry of Jinafire Long, Lagoonafire loves to surf and swim like she s on fire – literally!

I know my 10 year old stepdaughter will be thrilled when she gets to check these out later this week and they are sure to be a hit with any Monster High fans you have as well. Be sure to check out more about the Monster High Freaky Fusion line and visitWalmart.comis the destination for all of your Freaky Fusion needs! Check out the Freaky fused dolls Clawnevus™, Cleolei™, Dracubecca™ and Lagoonafire™. We also really liked that the dolls came with their own stands to let the ghouls strike a pose when they aren’t being played with. Walmart.comis the destination for all of your Freaky Fusion needs! Walmart.com is the destination for all of your Freaky Fusion needs!

The fused ghoul blazes in a colorful dress with a black skirt decorated in a fintastic print and accented with a blue netted peplum. An Asian-inspired collared bodice is fiery fierce with black ruffle accents and golden adornment. Continuing the mashed-up mons-trend, Lagoonafire doll carries a spooktacular, translucent pink, jellyfish bag and will walk on water in pink booties with dragon-inspired scale detail and fangtastic heels. A pink headband decorates her colorful locks of yellow and green. Use the included brush to keep them looking fiery hot. Freaky fusion flaws include ””scaly”” skin, fins on her forearms and a long dragon tail.