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Migrant shot and injured by National Guard soldier patrolling border

And then he would be celebrated by everyone, not vilified like Kyle. A place to post and discuss the spread of hate, disinformation, conspiracy theories, and calls to violence across social media. Eventbrite banned screenings of the documentary due to the service not permitting content that promotes “hate, violence, or harassment towards others and/or oneself”.

Prosecutors during the trial have emphasised that Rittenhouse was the only person to have shot anyone on a night when hundreds of protesters had taken to the streets, some peacefully and others engaged in arson, looting and rioting. For example, Kyle Rittenhouse shot and injured Gaige Grosskeurtz because he believed Grosskeurtz was going to shoot him. Why was Gaige Grosskeurtz approaching him with a pistol in hand? Because he was suspicious that Kyle Rittenhouse, after shooting two other people, was going to shoot him.

I actually just had jury duty a few weeks ago, it lasted five days, and to be honest, … At the time I assumed some old dude who was a hard right conservative and had had a semi successful business, was retired now and throwing a couple of bucks at an old lady to forward his rants about “the gays” and “the jews”. These days I start to wonder if there was a more organized movement flying under the radar or normal news outlets. It is kind of weird to live in a society where if you engineer a scenario where people think you’re a mass shooter about to kill lots of people , you can just shoot as many people as you feel like and get away with it.

It’s either an AI bot working for the same propaganda machine that has spun up the entire conservative media, or it’s a team of hired grunts at computers doing the same. Look at their word usage as captured via redective. Being unarmed doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to kill or injure. And a skateboard is a heavy blunt object, which kill more people per year than long-barreled rifles do.

A group of protesters has sued the city and county of Kenosha alleging that curfew laws were enforced against them but not against armed people like Rittenhouse. Are federal employees granted leave for jury duty or do I have to use my own … A person being in a town during a riot while armed is not, nor has it ever been, an excuse to assault that person, basketball the gun price nor has it ever meant they aren’t allowed to use deadly force to defend themself. Further, many people were open-carrying AR-15s or similar rifles that night, including many of the BLM protesters. None of them were singled out and assaulted, as far as anyone knows. In 2022, Walsh campaigned against hospitals providing transgender health care for youth.

He, like many civil rights activists, saw a racial double standard at work in the case. “It seems to me that it’s open season on human rights demonstrators,” he said. In 2016, when the gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin was returned to him, Zimmerman tried to auction it for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers were recently convicted on multiple counts of homicide despite making a similar legal argument, and they now await a federal trial for alleged hate crimes. To celebrate the failure of a self-defense claim by three armed White men who quite literally hunted down an innocent Black man with a shotgun, however, feels like a Pyrrhic victory. I also realized I don’t know anyone who has had federal jury duty, … Americans of reddit, if every US president through history got into a … Huber and Grosskreutz, probably under the misapprehension that Rittenhouse was mass shooter, chose to chase and assault Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse again tried to escape by running towards some police cruisers, but tripped and was bashed in the head by Huber with a skateboard and by an unknown person (jump-kick man), followed by Grosskreutz pointing his own firearm at Rittenhouse.