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Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls Review

Many lalaloopsy dolls have a special name, like “lalaloopsy-1”. This basically means that they are made of the same material as mini dolls but the name is different. A lalaloopsy-2 represents another type of lalaloopsy doll. Another example is the lalaloopsy-3, which is a toy soldier made of a very sturdy plastic. At Build-A-Bear Workshop® we bring imagination to life.

Their outfits usually vary and tend to be recolors, and their pets are often colored differently. With these soft toys, you’ll never have a bad hare day. Find a furry friend PAWfect for your unique personality. Here, you’ll find stuffed animals in all shapes and sizes.

Once I got everything opened up and handed over to her however, her excitedment quickly turned to frustration. I thought at first it was just a matter of G-Girl being clumsy, but I took a close look and the doll’s shoes have a slant to them. Even propped up sparklybunny8 against the corner in her house it is pretty much impossible to get her to remain standing. I told G-Girl to sit the doll down, thinking this was a safe bet. But it turns out the beautiful full skirt the doll is wearing, makes her rounded on the bottom.

We have plush toys in any color, shape and size you can dream of. Choose your stuffed animal and make your very own plush toy with hundreds of outfits and accessories to choose from. Build-A-Bear® has licensed stuffed animals featuring all your favorite characters and soft toys you will only find here. Like mini dolls, lalaloopsy doll’s are extremely flexible and can be stuck to the floor or used as a toy. They are often used as a cheap substitute for toy soldiers in roleplay games.

Today I’m opening and reviewing the Lalaloopsy mini dolls Cheerful Collection. There are four dolls in this collection from 2016. Enter your City, State or Zip Code to view product availability and delivery/pickup options at a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you. We waited for Baby-G’s naptime and sat down to open the package up. G-Girl was VERY excited about the cardboard house.

A mini doll is made of more rigid plastic and can only be stuck to the floor. This means you cant put a lalaloopsy doll on a table. Lalaloopsy dolls are mostly made of paper mache, and are smaller than mini dolls. They may be made of different materials, but the most common material is paper mache.

Paper mache also is easier to work with and more flexible than plastic. Plastic dolls are much less likely to break easily. Both the doll and her accompanying bits are bright, colourful and very cute. She comes packaged in a cardboard playhouse, along side a flag, a ball, a container of popcorn and a tiny elephant. The cardboard is very thick and sturdy and I could actually see this wee house standing up to a fair amount of play.

There was at least a dozen pieces of clear tape holding the plastic packaging to the cardboard house. I was concerned about tearing the house while opening the packaging, but whatever tape they use is truly magic. I was able to safely remove it all without a scratch. You can buy lalaloopsy dolls and lalaloopsy-like dolls at many places, usually for $2 or less. The little lalaloopsy mini dolls are as cute as they are cute.

The new lalaloopsy mini doll line is a great addition to your doll collection. The colors are vibrant, and the fabrics are soft. If you enjoy lalaloopsy dolls, then youd be in luck. They are available in four different color options. Its a white plastic doll with pink lacy details and a pink plastic head.